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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4081 Task Resolved Normal Create Function that compare idl spectrum and computed spectrum Theo Stassen 27/04/2023 06:19 PM Actions
4079 Task Resolved Normal Create function that plot multiple spectrograms Theo Stassen 26/04/2023 05:44 PM Actions
4105 Task Resolved Normal Create functional Diagram of the code Theo Stassen 05/06/2023 06:27 PM Actions
4145 Task Resolved Normal Create generic log printer (for log file and/or terminal) Theo Stassen 17/07/2023 11:03 AM Actions
4157 Task In Progress Normal Create interactive version of quicklook, to analyse cdf data Theo Stassen 18/09/2023 02:02 PM Actions
4028 Task Resolved Normal Create Kernel in python Theo Stassen 02/03/2023 10:35 AM Actions
4282 Task Resolved Normal Create pdf user documentation (Three first iterations) Theo Stassen 09/02/2024 06:49 PM Actions
4196 Task Resolved Normal Create script for documentation generation (cleaning/creation/show) Theo Stassen 17/10/2023 04:48 PM Actions
4124 Task Resolved Normal Create script with inline inputs, for calibrate and quicklook Theo Stassen 23/06/2023 12:02 PM Actions
4043 Task Resolved Normal Create the complete Kernel Theo Stassen 15/03/2023 04:05 PM Actions
4050 Task Resolved Normal Create the kernel_creation function Theo Stassen 15/03/2023 04:02 PM Actions
4044 Task Resolved Normal Create unit test for corgain (ant, dfb, bessel) Theo Stassen 14/03/2023 05:49 PM Actions
4258 Task Resolved Normal Creation of a ruff pre commit hook Theo Stassen 12/01/2024 06:44 PM Actions
4305 Task Resolved Normal Creation of a table documenting all parameters that can be set by the user, with default value and location Theo Stassen 23/02/2024 06:52 PM Actions
4267 Task In Progress Normal Creation of a visual documentation of the code Theo Stassen 09/02/2024 06:47 PM Actions
4061 Task Resolved Normal deconvo_vec convolution part Theo Stassen 24/03/2023 05:54 PM Actions
4092 Task Resolved Normal default / current / limits config gestion Theo Stassen 16/05/2023 04:28 PM Actions
4311 Task Resolved Normal Develop a little code that for all cdfs in one dir, make a table summarizing their content and quicklook them Theo Stassen 23/02/2024 07:00 PM Actions
4031 Task Resolved Normal DFB filter Theo Stassen 16/02/2023 05:38 PM Actions
4261 Task Resolved Normal Discover of pytest and add to pre commit hooks Theo Stassen 12/01/2024 06:46 PM Actions
4038 Task Resolved Normal Discover units test python methods and Create Unit tests of the kernel Theo Stassen 15/03/2023 12:48 PM Actions
4257 Task Resolved Normal Discovering of the Ruff linter and formatter+ experiments Theo Stassen 09/01/2024 06:38 PM Actions
4206 Task Resolved Normal Documentation complete add and upgrade Theo Stassen 27/10/2023 05:43 PM Actions
4242 Task Resolved Normal Documentation improvements following the professional training Theo Stassen 06/12/2023 02:18 PM Actions
4243 Task Resolved Normal Documentation update, especially following the reorganisation of the python script use and the rework of the doc root Theo Stassen 06/12/2023 02:19 PM Actions
4029 Task In Progress Normal Extract and export cdf file Theo Stassen 15/02/2023 04:54 PM Actions
4309 Task Resolved Normal Find how to force the documentation to trigger error even for warnings Theo Stassen 23/02/2024 06:56 PM Actions
4159 Task Resolved Normal Find proper solution for zoom / move of data Theo Stassen 31/08/2023 06:28 PM Actions
4158 Task Resolved Normal Find proper tools and solutions fo allow data refresh in quicklook Theo Stassen 31/08/2023 06:24 PM Actions
4235 Task Resolved Normal Find the cdfs with temperature data in it and test to extract them Theo Stassen 28/11/2023 06:56 PM Actions
4223 Task Resolved Normal Find the problem of difference between matlab and python code Theo Stassen 13/11/2023 06:54 PM Actions
4210 Task Resolved Normal Finish complete time extract method Theo Stassen 06/11/2023 11:57 AM Actions
4208 Task Resolved Normal First version of a "time extract" method Theo Stassen 27/10/2023 05:44 PM Actions
4033 Task Resolved Normal Fourier transform (and inverse transform) function Theo Stassen 14/03/2023 05:49 PM Actions
4052 Task Resolved Normal Full code documentation Theo Stassen 15/03/2023 04:07 PM Actions
4163 Task Resolved Normal Fusion the static and interactive quicklooks by using same plot functions (same fig/axs handle) -> make it modular Theo Stassen 05/09/2023 06:36 PM Actions
4256 Task Resolved Normal Gathering and analysis of all remaining open tasks Theo Stassen 09/01/2024 06:37 PM Actions
4058 Task Resolved Normal Gaussian window creation Theo Stassen 15/03/2023 04:30 PM Actions
4071 Task Resolved Normal General class to compare waveforms, in order to compare easily different cdf results Theo Stassen 11/04/2023 03:11 PM Actions
4325 Task Resolved Normal Generate a directory with quicklooks of all cdfs from 2023/2024 Theo Stassen 21/03/2024 12:47 PM Actions
4091 Task Resolved Normal Global attributes and cdf name gestion Theo Stassen 16/05/2023 04:27 PM Actions
4054 Task Resolved Normal Hanning window creation Theo Stassen 15/03/2023 04:24 PM Actions
4130 Task Resolved Normal Implement a first bash script, with auto venv use Theo Stassen 03/07/2023 04:49 PM Actions
4078 Task Resolved Normal Implement a simple spectrogram plot Theo Stassen 26/04/2023 05:42 PM Actions
4065 Task Resolved Normal Implement blk_con IDL function Theo Stassen 31/03/2023 06:03 PM Actions
4070 Task Resolved Normal Implement function that compare two l1b cdf file data Theo Stassen 11/04/2023 03:09 PM Actions
4077 Task Resolved Normal Implement function that compute the spectrogram of a waveform Theo Stassen 26/04/2023 05:41 PM Actions
4066 Task Resolved Normal Implement graphical comparison between idl and python calibration Theo Stassen 31/03/2023 06:03 PM Actions
4095 Task Resolved Normal Implement system of class extends for kernel creation and deduce_parameters Theo Stassen 17/05/2023 05:08 PM Actions
4211 Task Resolved Normal implement system to check the version of cdf files and take the chosen version of cdfs when doing time extract Theo Stassen 06/11/2023 11:59 AM Actions
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