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Alexis Jeandet, 18/09/2015 05:23 PM


Here is the SocExplorer plugin list, we try to keep it updated as much as possible.

Root capable plugins

AHBUART plugin

AHBUart plugin screenshot example

  • description
    This plugin handle the gaisler's AHBUART protocol, it allows you to access to any device using this IP.

APBUART plugin

APBUart plugin screenshot example

  • description
    This plugin is initially written to get the stdout of the LEON3 processor, when it is redirected to the APBUART. The APBUART plugin handle both direct and FIFO debug mode.

Spacewire plugin

Spacewire plugin screenshot example

  • description
    This plugin is a generic spacewire plugin, as any other root plugin it gives you an access to any target implementing the RMAP protocol. This plugin also embed a TCP server which forwards non RMAP packets to any connected client(s). You can also easily add your bridge by subclassing abstractSpwBridge.
    For the moment it works with the Start-Dundee USB brick and the GRSEB driver is under development.

RMAP plugin

  • description
  • author

Paul Leroy

Child only plugins

genericrw plugin

genericrwplugin screenshot example

  • description

This plugin allows you to edit or view any memory space of your SOC. You can choose the start address and the number of bytes you want to read or write.

memctrl plugin

memctrl plugin screenshot example

  • description

This plugin checks the a memory space and say if it can read and write to this space without any error. To ensure that there is no aliasing problems it generates a random number sequence in RAM, writes it to the destination memory space then read it and compare what he read with what he writes. It can be useful to detect memory controller configuration mistakes or soldering issues.

AMBA plugin

AMBA plugin screenshot example

  • description

This plugin handles the Gaisler' s plug and play AMBA bus, you can use it to list the available peripherals. All detected peripheral information will be shared by SocExplorer to all the other plugins and available in Python. For more details have a look here

DSU3 plugin

  • description

This plugin allow to load code from an elf file into the leon3 and start it execution. This plugin is experimental and will change a lot before the release state.

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