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11:16 AM LFR-FSW Task #3083 (Closed): Détailler la caractérisation du scrubbing et son effet pour SEU dans SDD, SPEC et SUM?
11:12 AM LFR-FSW Task #3349: Détailler le comportement du scrubbing HW et SW LFR
Expliquer dans le sum que LFR n'est pas capble de détecter des erreurs dans la RAM. Du coup en cas d'erreur non corri...


07:05 PM Whampyr Downloaded: notes Vlasov 1 notations tenseur dielectrique Ichimaru


10:11 AM SciQLOP User story #3335: Re-enable data cache
Downloading data is slow, so keeping already downloaded data on disk will boost browsing performances.
The easy pa...
10:05 AM SciQLOP User story #3337: Display events of selected catalogues on plots
When browsing data, we should be able to select some catalogues to display.
This will automatically show events from...
09:59 AM SciQLOP User story #3334: Python Variables/product interface
A user should be able to write his own Python scripts to build variables.
This implies to:
- write a data provid...


09:50 AM SciQLOP Feature #466 (Closed): Add some extra formats to export data
09:50 AM SciQLOP Task #465 (Closed): Annonces d'emploi
09:50 AM SciQLOP Feature #435 (Closed): Full integration of IPython.
09:50 AM SciQLOP Task #434 (Closed): Implement a kind of virtual file system for space missions datas.

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