APB_UART_PLUGIN config panel
APB_UART_PLUGIN Terminal panel

General Description

The APB_UART_PLUGIN is a child plugin which allows you to print gaisler's APBUART output. Usually the APBUART is the default device where the printf are redirected which makes sense to print it in ascii in a terminal.
This plugin is able read the APBUART output either directly from it's output on a serial port or in FIFO debug mode with the root plugin. See illustration below.

Nominal connection over RS232 FIFO debug mode

Python's specific features

Common methods

Methods list:

void toggleUartState ()

void activate (bool flag)

void updateAPBUartsList ()

void setCurentAPBUart (int index)

void openUart ()

void closeUart ()

void setFifoDebugEnabled (bool enable)

void setAPBUartIndex (int index)

void setUARTPortNane (QString name)

void setUARTPortSpeed (int speed)

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