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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2078 Bug New High plot variable defined on range A on a graph defined on range B causes a download and does not plot 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2119 Bug New Normal scroll bar appears and disappear 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2120 Bug New Normal variable is never downloaded although the progress bar is well advanced 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2373 Bug New Normal terminating with uncaught exception of type std::out_of_range: unordered_map::at: key not found 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
365 Feature New Normal lecture fichiers CDF 11/06/2015 06:03 PM Actions
366 Feature New Normal visualisation de spectrogrammes Alexis Jeandet 11/06/2015 06:04 PM Actions
423 Feature New Normal Dump data frequency over time Alexis Jeandet 01/06/2015 06:49 PM Actions
474 Feature New Normal Data Download Alexis Jeandet 21/07/2015 01:38 PM Actions
640 Feature New Normal Feature "Same As" for data time selection 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
673 Feature New High code must be documented 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
891 Feature New Normal Add expand/collapse all on data tree 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
892 Feature New Normal Add category choice for filter on data tree 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
895 Feature New Normal Data tree filter real time filtering 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
918 Feature New Normal View catalog timelines 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
919 Feature New Normal allow possible connection between events in catalogs 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
2252 Feature New Normal Affichage d'une variable en cours d'initialisation 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
718 Support New Normal QCdf should standardize extracted Time Alexis Jeandet 14/02/2019 10:29 AM Actions
674 Task New Normal code comments 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
704 Task New Normal Readme in QLop soure code 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
1274 Task New Low Acquisition de données (API générale) 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
1340 Task New Immediate Edition par drag-and-drop d'un intervalle de temps d'un catalogue 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
1376 Task New Low Acquisition de données (API générale) 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
1435 Task New Immediate Création d'une zone de visualisation depuis un catalogue (drag-and-drop) 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
1451 Task New Immediate Suppression d'un graphe d'une zone de visualisation 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
1453 Task New Immediate Ajout d'une variable dans un graphe existant depuis un catalogue (drag-and-drop) 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
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