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Added by Nicolas Aunai over 7 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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It should be possible to see a histogram showing the number of events in different catalogs in a given time period.
On the attached pic. I have selected 3 catalogs, and as a function of time I see the number of events in these catalogs.
The histogram is dynamically adjusted (bin size) as I zoom in and out.
I should be able, by putting my mouse over the histogram bars, to see some metadata, like number of events, spacecraft etc.

This should be very useful to see if other events have been catalogued as I'm browsing data on, say, Cluster... I look at the time period I'm currently plotting, and I see events have been labeled with Geotail spacecraft, and I might be interested in looking at this data.


IMG_3634.JPG (366 KB) IMG_3634.JPG Nicolas Aunai, 27/01/2017 07:24 PM
catalogtimeline.png (40 KB) catalogtimeline.png Nicolas Aunai, 28/01/2017 05:16 PM
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Updated by Nicolas Aunai over 7 years ago

Here is a maybe better visualisation alternative for the catalog timelines


Here the user can select a time period of interest a visualize times at which data has been labelled for multiple catalogs.
The effect associated with ajusting the time period should be similar and as fluid as this one in

Catalogs to be visualized are selected in a list with a check box for each catalog. A search area is here to quickly filter the desired catalogs.

Each catalog can be expanded (small black arrow next to its name) into sub-catalogs, where each of them represent events labeled for a single spacecraft. In the example above for instance, the catalog 'Magnetopause' is expanded and we can see it is entirely composed of THEMIS data.

The user will typically open this window to see whether events are labeled in a given period, for example when looking at Cluster data that is interesting, the user might want to know if either Cluster data is already labeled here, or if data from other spacecraft have been labeled during the same time period.

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Updated by Nicolas Aunai over 5 years ago

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