From 29/12/2016 to 27/01/2017


07:29 PM Feature #919 (New): allow possible connection between events in catalogs
It should be possible to link events with other events.
Either they are part of the same observation/conjunection o...
Nicolas Aunai
07:27 PM Feature #918 (New): View catalog timelines
It should be possible to see a histogram showing the number of events in different catalogs in a given time period.
Nicolas Aunai


01:31 PM Task #896 (Closed): Data tree D&D
Being able to drag&drop nodes from data tree to either database or plots would be nice. Alexis Jeandet
01:29 PM Feature #895 (New): Data tree filter real time filtering
For now we have to hit enter to get result, it would be better to have real time filtering Alexis Jeandet
01:26 PM Bug #894 (Closed): Date selection ergonomy could be improved
The date selection is not so easy:
once start date selected, delta should be easy to set
once calendar opened...
Alexis Jeandet
01:20 PM Bug #893 (Closed): date selection widget layout almost broken
The date selection widget layout seems broken, most of date fields are hidden.
Alexis Jeandet
01:17 PM Feature #892 (New): Add category choice for filter on data tree
The data tree filter searches on all attributes, we should be able to select on which attribute we want to filter. Alexis Jeandet
01:14 PM Feature #891 (New): Add expand/collapse all on data tree
The data tree filter expands all nodes, this not cool. Alexis Jeandet

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