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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2287 Task Closed Normal Mode d’interaction "affichage des curseurs" 22/11/2017 05:47 PM Actions
2286 Task Closed Normal Mode d’interaction "edition des zones de sélections" 05/12/2017 05:50 PM Actions
2285 Task Closed Normal Mode d’interaction "Organisation des graphes" 22/11/2017 05:47 PM Actions
2284 Task Closed Normal Mode d’interaction "Zoom" 22/11/2017 05:47 PM Actions
2363 Task Closed Normal Mode d’interaction curseur simple: ajout de la possibilité de panner avec la souris 05/12/2017 05:50 PM Actions
3944 Task Closed Normal Modif de la TC_LOAD_KCOEFF : ICD + LFR FSW Alexis Jeandet 17/01/2023 02:21 PM Actions
1701 Task Closed Normal Modification addDateTime 04/07/2017 10:20 AM Actions
2202 Task Closed Normal Modification d'un catalogue 31/10/2017 04:50 PM Actions
2198 Task Closed Normal Modification d'un Event sans effet de bord 30/10/2017 02:54 PM Actions
2472 Task Closed Normal Modification des attributs d’un Evènement 18/12/2017 09:33 AM Actions
2241 Task Closed Normal Modification du fichier JSON pour identifier les spectrogrammes 22/11/2017 05:52 PM Actions
2116 Task Closed Normal Modification du mock plugin pour des données types vectorielles 29/09/2017 11:27 AM Actions
2438 Task Closed Normal Modification d’un Evènement 20/12/2017 10:35 AM Actions
1597 Task Closed Normal Modification sur le sidePane 26/06/2017 10:34 AM Actions
1886 Task Closed Normal Modifier la représentation interne d'un ArrayData 28/08/2017 09:10 AM Actions
4126 Task Resolved Normal Modify config handler (config file gestion) and adapt to the new config handler use in every functions Theo Stassen 27/06/2023 11:50 AM Actions
4165 Task Resolved Normal Modify deeply the code organisation to have separate part for compare cdfs / interactive plot and one function (plot data) for all plots Theo Stassen 08/09/2023 06:51 PM Actions
4284 Task Resolved Normal Modify the code to be coherent in physical units Theo Stassen 09/02/2024 06:53 PM Actions
4216 Task Resolved Normal Modify the extract argvs and env var method to handle solo and multiple extract in one time Theo Stassen 06/11/2023 12:12 PM Actions
4150 Task Resolved Normal Modify the extract data/ epoch part to handle JUICE SID 1/2/3/7 separetely Theo Stassen 21/07/2023 06:52 PM Actions
4215 Task Resolved Normal Modify the extract_cdf methods to have a merge between extract and time extract Theo Stassen 06/11/2023 12:05 PM Actions
4164 Task Resolved Normal Modify the visuals of interactive and static quicklook to be more modular Theo Stassen 05/09/2023 06:38 PM Actions
4103 Task Resolved Normal Modularisation of calibrate data block Theo Stassen 30/05/2023 11:36 AM Actions
1485 Task Closed Normal MR dépot principale 12/06/2017 11:19 AM Actions
66 Task Closed Normal MS - Verification 02/12/2016 01:15 PM Actions
2296 Task Closed Normal Multi sélections de plusieurs zones de sélections sur plusieurs graphes 05/12/2017 05:50 PM Actions
3348 Task Closed Normal Nettoyer tous les TBC/TBD dans la SPEC LFR Alexis Jeandet 01/04/2019 01:56 PM Actions
1058 Task Closed Normal Non-regression Veronique bouzid 21/06/2018 11:49 AM Actions
1927 Task Closed Normal Optimisation du merge de DataSeries 31/08/2017 11:47 AM Actions
1963 Task Closed Normal Optimisation du setDataSeries() d'une variable 31/08/2017 12:31 PM Actions
1888 Task Closed Normal Optimisation merge et set data 28/08/2017 09:15 AM Actions
3845 Task Closed High Order missing parts for BBM Alexis Jeandet 30/05/2021 04:52 PM Actions
239 Task Closed Normal Parametre R2 du Waveform Picker - Doc and Verif paul leroy 10/02/2015 09:05 AM Actions
1714 Task Closed High Parser de fichier JSON 07/07/2017 03:09 PM Actions
260 Task New High Part Stress Analysis Alexis Jeandet 21/11/2014 09:30 AM Actions
2435 Task Closed Normal Personnalisation des icones des nœuds de catalogue 18/12/2017 09:33 AM Actions
2138 Task Closed Normal POC de drag and drop 20/10/2017 03:54 PM Actions
2391 Task Closed Normal Possibility to select a zone which is under another zone 16/01/2018 03:17 PM Actions
18 Task Feedback Normal PPBI et programmation des FPGA Vincent Leray 05/01/2015 01:08 PM Actions
4024 Task New Normal Première version calibration python Theo Stassen 28/07/2023 07:02 PM Actions
1067 Task Closed Normal Preparation Datapack R3++ 22/06/2018 05:17 PM Actions
1943 Task Closed Normal Préparer la requête d'acquisition d'un spectrogramme pour AMDA 16/11/2017 10:57 AM Actions
3641 Task New Normal Présentation des connecteurs 02/02/2021 02:58 PM Actions
873 Task New Normal Prévoir un test où l'on vérifie la superposition des masques RW + FBINS bruno katra 30/12/2016 04:35 PM Actions
3771 Task Resolved Normal Principe de fonctionnement Joris PEGON 21/02/2021 08:39 PM Actions
3638 Task New Normal Principe de fonctionnement 02/02/2021 02:53 PM Actions
2389 Task Closed Normal Problème de rafraichissement de variables synchronisées depuis le widget de temps 06/12/2017 11:05 AM Actions
4138 Task Resolved Normal Produce a waveform plot of JUICE data using code based on matlab code Theo Stassen 10/07/2023 04:49 PM Actions
4240 Task Resolved Normal Professional training about the distribution (and learn of automatisation tools) of python application Theo Stassen 06/12/2023 02:17 PM Actions
3652 Task New Normal Programme de test 02/02/2021 03:19 PM Actions
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