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10:52 AM SciQLOP User story #3337 (New): Display events of selected catalogues on plots
10:50 AM SciQLOP User story #3336 (New): Catalogue import and export
- repositories (catalogs and events within) should be serialized to JSON
- should be easy to transform these JSONs i...
10:46 AM SciQLOP User story #3335 (New): Re-enable data cache
10:45 AM SciQLOP User story #3334 (New): Python Variables/product interface
10:36 AM SciQLOP Task #3176 (Closed): restore zones resize
10:36 AM SciQLOP Task #3175 (Closed): restore zone move
10:36 AM SciQLOP User story #3174 (In Progress): restore broken plot interactions
PBI status auto updated to In Progress because at least one task wasn't on New status
10:35 AM SciQLOP Task #3141 (Closed): create basic setup with multiple synchronised plots for unit tests


04:21 PM SciQLOP Task #1473 (In Progress): Mock sous linux
04:21 PM SciQLOP Task #1473 (New): Mock sous linux

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