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    • Visites LPP

      Ce sous-projet concerne les visites du LPP traditionnellement à destination des étudiants de M1, M2 et X.

    • Doppler Backscattering - Fusion

      Doppler Back-Scattering (DBS), also called Doppler Reflectometry, is a method commonly used in Magnetic Fusion plasmas to measure detailed characteristics of turbulence, such as its frequency or wavenumber spectrum as well as the radial electric field.

      • 1D_PIC

        The goal of this project is to create a 1D pic code in Python.

        It has to be modular, in order to be able to use modules (Solvers, pushers, and so on) easily.
        If possible, use of the library PlasmaPy is to privilege.

      • ExeCut


        ExeCut is a Free executable viewer, it allows you to explore elf, SREC and binary files and easily export sections or symbols in SREC or binary. For example you can use it to extract firmwares from closed source Linux or Android drivers....

      • Helioswarm-SCM

        La mission Helioswarm est une mission multi-satellite (9) pour étudier la turbulence dans le vent solaire, le choc, le pré-choc, la magnétogaine et la magnétosphère.
        Elle a été sélectionnée en phase A compétitive de l'AO MIDEX de la NASA en Août 2020. La sélection finale aura lieu en mars 2022....

      • QLop

        QLop is an interactive plotting software, this is an early development preview of what this software will be.

      • SocExplorer


        SocExplorer is an open source generic System On Chip testing software/framework. We write this software for the development and the validation of our instrument, the Low Frequency Receiver(LFR) for the Solar Orbiter mission. This instrument is based on an actel FPGA hosting a LEON3FT processor and some peripherals. To make it more collaborative, we use a plugin based system, the main executable is SocExplorer then all the functionality are provided by plugins. Like this everybody can provide his set of plugins to handle a new SOC or just a new peripheral. SocExplorer uses PythonQt to allow user to automate some tasks such as loading some plugins, configuring them and talking with his device. SocExplorer is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version....

      • VHDLib

        The VHDlib is an opensource VHDL library. You are free to use it, redistribute it as long as you respect the terms of the GNU GPLV2 license.
        To use our library you need first to install the very good opensource GRLIB library since we use some of its mechanisms to generate projects and it's very useful hardware abstraction layer(techmap). ...

  • Whampyr
    1. Whampyr
      Whamp en Python Reborn (prononcé Vampire)

    Après une semaine de travail acharné, une équipe du LPP séléctioné sur le volé à dévelopé Whampyr.
    Ce projet Redmin permet d'en suivre l'evolution

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