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ExeCut ExeCut

To install it

If you are using Fedora you can directly install ExeCut from rpms look here


All the next steps can be distribution dependent ExeCut development is done on Fedora 19 and 20, but is should work with any other one, feedback are welcome!

  • First you need a working linux machine with:
    • Qt5 or Qt4 sdk installed on it plus all the developments packages for Qt widgets.
    • libelf with headers.

Building ExeCut

  • To build ExeCut, you can get ExeCut source code from code repository with this command:
      hg clone ExeCut

    You will get a ExeCut directory with all the source code inside. To build it you just have to run:
      cd ExeCut
      qmake-qt5 # it works also with qt4(qmake-qt4)
      make  #note that to speedup the make step you can use "make -j N" to parallelize on N process(replace N with the number of cores you have).
  • Now you can install ExeCut, it will install the ExeCut and desktop icon in your system, just run:
      sudo make install

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