From 31/05/2016 to 29/06/2016


12:28 PM Support #688 (Resolved): No way to add a colorbar into an axis object in qtcharts
Partly solved by hacking the qtchart axis mecanism, further improvements can be performed after talking to official d... Anonymous
12:24 PM Support #721 (Closed): improvements in QCdf
It would be great if Qcdf could provide data with NaN instead of FillVal
Having a quality variable (percentage of na...
10:43 AM Bug #720 (Closed): Linked Plots don't work as intended
When Plots are linked, changes in zoom on X on a plot are properly echoed by the other plot, but not the X scales.
09:59 AM Bug #650 (Resolved): Spectro + linear plot in the same scroll area
This bug has beeen fixed with the new qtchart colormap.
Spectrograms and linear plots can be put together in the scr...
09:57 AM Bug #719 (Resolved): The "M" feature in Plots in order to rescale the plot in not working as intended
Fixed by implementing a method in PlotLine that compute minimum and maximum of all series in the plot.
These extremu...
09:55 AM Bug #719 (Closed): The "M" feature in Plots in order to rescale the plot in not working as intended
The "M" feature in Plots in order to rescale the plot in not working as intended.
It unzooms but doesn't scale, and ...
09:51 AM Bug #708 (Resolved): Plot Minimum Size
Fixed this issue by giving a minimum size to the chart in Plot::initPlot
and adding setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Minim...
09:48 AM Support #718 (New): QCdf should standardize extracted Time
A good improvement of Qcdf would be to provide time extracted in UTC format for all products. Anonymous


10:25 AM Bug #713 (Closed): Curves of plots are sometimes displayed where they shouldn't be
Curves of plots are displayed through other elements (margins and Py console) when they leave the scrollarea's displa... Anonymous


01:49 PM Bug #708: Plot Minimum Size
Problem solved.
QChartView is setting its minimum size to the QChart minimum size.
I changed the chart minimum size...
12:00 PM Bug #708 (Closed): Plot Minimum Size
I have difficulties to set a minimum size for a plot.
I tried to reimplement sizeHint, minimumSizeHint, and to cal...
12:22 PM Bug #709 (Closed): Plot Legend is no longer displayed
I don't know when this change appears, but it seems the legend is no longer displayed with the plot. Anonymous


12:07 PM Task #704 (New): Readme in QLop soure code
The QLop repository doesn't have a readme, it would be nice to have file to give some hints about QLop.
Alexis Jeandet

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