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Whampyr: Création officiel du projet Hacation
Le hacation (le Hackathon du LPP) est officiellement en cours d'organisation. Les "jeunes" (les doctorants par exemple), ayant plus de temps, sont responsable de son organisation. Les moins jeunes suivront l'organisation de temps en temps.
Added by Antoine Tavant over 2 years ago

kicadtools: PCB Viewer code preview
A simple PCB Viewer code.
Added by Alexis Jeandet almost 5 years ago

QLop: New features
Some fresh new features added to QLop.
Added by Alexis Jeandet about 5 years ago

LPP: New LPP RPM repository.
We now have a dedicated RPM repository to share our apps.
Added by Alexis Jeandet over 5 years ago

SocExplorer: Fedora rpm package
Fedora users can install SocExplorer from rpm.
Added by Alexis Jeandet almost 6 years ago

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