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Sprint burndown by effort help

Sprint burndown by effort shows the progress of the team comparing the estimated effort with the actual pending effort. All these efforts are measured in hours.

Filling the estimated effort

When the Sprint starts the team must configure the estimated effort under Settings » Sprints » Edit effort, to fill this table (one row per team member, one column per Sprint day) you must follow these rules:

  • Only active members (those who are going to work on tasks) must be filled.
  • Don't fill anything when a team member is not available (i.e. weekend days or holidays). If everybody has no effort one day, that day will not be rendered.
  • It's valid to put 0.0 in a cell if you want to reflect that the team member is working on the Sprint, but maybe only to attend to meetings.
  • It's OK to put decimals, but don't invest too much time thinking about how much time to put here, this is Scrum, put a number and evaluate it in the next Sprint retrospective ;)

Logging effort day by day

Every team member must log the time day by day. Due the fact the plugin records every effort on the day is logged, don't forget to log the time every day if you want an accurate burndown graph.

Understanding the burndown by effort

Estimated effort line it's just the table that the team filled before. On the other hand, pending effort line (or lines in multi-project teams) represents the pending effort of Sprint tasks day by day (this is not related in any way with the estimated effort tasks field).

Burndown on multi-project teams

If you have several projects under the Scrum team project, and you assign PBIs & tasks to those child projects (they should also have Scrum module enabled), then the burndown could be decomposed in several series, one serie per subproject.

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