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Alexis Jeandet, 30/03/2014 05:30 PM

Linux setup

Please note that SocExplorer is still under development, so things are supposed to move, it can fail to build sometimes or be buggy.

Note also that we recently change from Qt4 to Qt5 so all the new SocExplorer code will be written for Qt5.


All the next steps can be distribution dependent SocExplorer development is done on Fedora 19 and 20, but is should work with any other one, feedback are welcome!

  • First you need a working linux machine with:
    • Qt5 sdk installed on it plus all the developments packages for Qt. Remember also to install modules such as QtWebkit.
    • Python 2.X with headers.
  • Then you need to install PythonQt, a modified version for SocExplorer can be downloaded here
  • To install PythonQt you just have to extract it somewhere, then from a terminal run:
      sudo make install

Building SocExplorer

  • To build SocExplorer, once PythonQt is correctly build and installed you can get SocExplorer source code from code repository with this command:
      hg clone SocExplorer

    You will get a SocExplorer directory with all the source code inside. To build it you just have to run:
      cd SocExplorer
      make  #note that to speedup the make step you can use "make -j N" to parallelize on N process(replace N with the number of cores you have).
  • Now you can install SocExplorer, it will install the SocExplorer binary plus some libraries and desktop icon in your system, just run:
      sudo make install
      #this doesn't install the registers xml description file.
      mkdir -p ~/.SocExplorer/config
      cp ressources/Grlib.xml ~/.SocExplorer/config/Grlib.xml
Affected folders are:
  • /usr/bin for SocExplorer executables.
  • QT_HEADERS_PATH/SocExplorer for SDK headers.
  • QT_LIB_PATH for shared libraries.
  • /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/SocExplorerPlugin for Qtcreator wizard.
  • /usr/share/applications/ for desktop launcher.
  • /etc/SocExplorer for global config files.
  • ~/.SocExplorer for plugin and per user config files.

Now you should have a working SocExplorer, you can start to install plugins here or start write your own.

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