From 23/03/2024 to 21/04/2024


04:49 PM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Task #4347 (Resolved): Add the temperature waveform to plot_data, as part of the default quicklook plot
Now the quicklook contains temperature (waveform) as last field, with the same epoch limits than the data waveform Theo Stassen
04:43 PM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Task #4346 (Resolved): Complete reshape of the method to give and prepare data for plot data
Now that the content is extracted into a single dict, the dislay data / plot data part for data can/must be completel... Theo Stassen
04:34 PM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Task #4345 (Resolved): major change : all the extracted content is now in a dict "input_content"
major change : the input_data, input_epoch, input_xarray trio is reshaped into input_content containing data, epoch, ... Theo Stassen
04:32 PM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Task #4344 (Resolved): Test the extract of temperatures data
Theo Stassen
04:31 PM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Task #4343 (Resolved): Search different support data (temperatures, reaction wheels, etc)
temperature found, reaction wheels found but need an additional info to use (frequency bins) Theo Stassen


11:33 AM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Created: LF_documentation/JUI-IRFU-RPWI-ICD-813 GS L1a-to-L1b RCS ICD

Theo Stassen


02:51 PM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Created: LF_documentation/DOC-SCM-CALIBRATION-JUICE

Theo Stassen
02:48 PM JUICE-SCM/Ground Segment Created: LF_documentation/LFR digital interface

Theo Stassen

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