From 18/10/2023 to 16/11/2023


06:54 PM Task #4223 (Resolved): Find the problem of difference between matlab and python code
The difference was a problem of antenna response (for the uncorrect slope), already resolved before,
and a multipli...
Theo Stassen
06:52 PM Bug #4222 (Resolved): Make the GUI able to select what we want to plot + put default times
Now the GUI can be used for any display or calibrate and display we want Theo Stassen
06:50 PM Task #4221 (Resolved): Create a GUI for selection of a range of time to plot
Create a little tkinter app that allow us to select start and end date and validate to do a quicklook of the correspo... Theo Stassen


06:38 PM Task #4218 (Resolved): Make all the python and sh scripts using freely multiple or solo extract method
-Had to to adapt the cdfs handler and it use by other functions to work
-correct the output url gestion
-test all t...
Theo Stassen


12:12 PM Task #4216 (Resolved): Modify the extract argvs and env var method to handle solo and multiple extract in one time
Now the 'extract argvs and env var ' function do : check solo_priority boolean (indicating if we give the priority on... Theo Stassen
12:05 PM Task #4215 (Resolved): Modify the extract_cdf methods to have a merge between extract and time extract
Now we use a one and only method for solo or time/multiple extract, depending on which variable is not None (time lim... Theo Stassen
12:03 PM Task #4214 (Resolved): Create a sh script that use time extract, by specifying a time limits and a cdfs dir
Theo Stassen
12:02 PM Bug #4213 (Resolved): Make the 'file name' in the plot readable (using of multiple lines)
Theo Stassen
12:01 PM Task #4212 (Resolved): Create 'file name' used in plot resulting of the merge of multiple cdf files
Need to create a string with name of different filed extracted in time extract Theo Stassen
11:59 AM Task #4211 (Resolved): implement system to check the version of cdf files and take the chosen version of cdfs when doing time extract
(When we don't specify a version, the system take automatically the most recent one that exist in the directory) Theo Stassen
11:57 AM Task #4210 (Resolved): Finish complete time extract method
The time extract is now complete, with merge of different cdf file content and cut of data between the starting and e... Theo Stassen


05:44 PM Task #4208 (Resolved): First version of a "time extract" method
First version of a "time extract" method, where you do not specify what file you want to open but a time interval. Wo... Theo Stassen
05:43 PM Support #4207 (Resolved): New tries concerning the differences between python and matlab results
Theo Stassen
05:42 PM Task #4206 (Resolved): Documentation complete add and upgrade
Lot of documentation was needed, especially since the complete reorganisation of the evaluation part.
Add a lot of ...
Theo Stassen

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