From 04/06/2023 to 03/07/2023


04:56 PM Task #4133 (Resolved): Adapt the matlab code for cdf data extraction (JUICE sid7)
We use Jan Soucek code for extract data of JUICE SID7 cdf, as base for our extraction of cdf content in the case of J... Theo Stassen
04:52 PM Task #4132 (Resolved): Make the cdf data extraction modular to prepare the different extraction needed
Theo Stassen
04:50 PM Bug #4131 (Resolved): Resolve problems with venv / conda conflict on local machine
Theo Stassen
04:49 PM Task #4130 (Resolved): Implement a first bash script, with auto venv use
Theo Stassen
04:48 PM Task #4129 (Resolved): Resolve plenty of problems concerning configHandler
Theo Stassen


11:47 AM Task #4126 (Resolved): Modify config handler (config file gestion) and adapt to the new config handler use in every functions
The config handler has been modified a lot, with a different gestion of config file url to be as portable as possible... Theo Stassen
11:45 AM Task #4125 (Resolved): Make inline arguments gestion modular, in separate function, to use it in all scripts
Now the calibrate_and_quicklook and calibrate_and_compare use the module extract_argvs
for extract and put correctl...
Theo Stassen


12:02 PM Task #4124 (Resolved): Create script with inline inputs, for calibrate and quicklook
- During this task, realised there could be improvements in config gestion, to be more portable -> leads to a new con... Theo Stassen
11:58 AM Bug #4123 (Resolved): Resolve problems with epochs
resolve problems with epoch handle (epochs values was different from IDl, and different between waveform and spectra ... Theo Stassen
11:54 AM Task #4122 (Resolved): Make correct and complete quicklook, with same infos than MMS IDL's one
-Implied computation, and precise plot of a lot of elements
-Implied resolve problems with epoch handle (epochs was ...
Theo Stassen


05:45 PM Task #4120 (Resolved): Add documentation on all code parameters
For each parameter used in the code for now, document it in config handler section, in order to have all doc at the s... Theo Stassen


06:33 PM Task #4117 (Resolved): Adapt the code to have correct visual reprentation of SHCB results
When there are big holes in data the waveforms and spectra didn't match visually.
After lot of research and experime...
Theo Stassen
06:30 PM Task #4116 (Resolved): Adapt the code to use SCHB mode
Code modified/corrected to allow different modes -> SCHB mode now
tested. works well in the mathematical results, bu...
Theo Stassen


06:43 PM Task #4113 (Resolved): Reorganise functions (kernel conv window, waveform padding, set frequency first, calfactor

Reorganise some functions to be even more modular
- put conv window application in in separated fun...
Theo Stassen
06:41 PM Task #4112 (Resolved): Add freq samp deducing function in deduce parameters
This step revealed that freq samp used in IDL was different than expected (not rounded) -> now that we compute freq s... Theo Stassen


10:36 AM Task #4110 (Resolved): Analyse fichiers L1A JUICE
Creation of a summary document, documenting the content of the first SID 1 3 and 7 JUICE cdf files given by Czech team Theo Stassen
10:32 AM Task #4109 (Resolved): Rewrite the readme with a summary of the documentation
Theo Stassen


06:31 PM Task #4108 (Resolved): Sphinx documentation with cross referencing, complete explanations, structurations : evaluation part
Theo Stassen
06:30 PM Task #4107 (Resolved): Sphinx documentation with cross referencing, complete explanations, structurations : configuration part
Theo Stassen
06:29 PM Task #4106 (Resolved): Sphinx documentation with cross referencing, complete explanations, structurations : calibration part
Theo Stassen
06:27 PM Task #4105 (Resolved): Create functional Diagram of the code
After research of methods, the more simple solution was to use pyreverse (so without using sphinx, as no tool gives g... Theo Stassen

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