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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3897 Task In Progress Low Faire un test avec les matrices de chgt de repère/calibration mises à 1 et 0 pour reproduire le comportement du FSW <= bruno katra 06/10/2022 11:13 AM Actions
228 Task In Progress Normal DECIMATION Jean-Christophe Pellion 05/06/2015 03:25 PM Actions
16 Task In Progress Normal Documentation système du module Spectral Matrices" Jean-Christophe Pellion 10/02/2015 04:28 PM Actions
3613 Task In Progress Normal Liste du matériel/logiciel joel moutoussamy 23/01/2021 05:30 PM Actions
3612 Task In Progress Normal Analyse du cahier des charges joel moutoussamy 23/01/2021 05:27 PM Actions
4000 Task In Progress High Formatage des commentaires MMS/SCM Laurent Mirioni 04/01/2023 12:04 PM Actions
2045 Task In Progress High aide spectro Laurent Mirioni 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2044 Task In Progress Normal spectro notebook Laurent Mirioni 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
4267 Task In Progress Normal Creation of a visual documentation of the code Theo Stassen 09/02/2024 06:47 PM Actions
4157 Task In Progress Normal Create interactive version of quicklook, to analyse cdf data Theo Stassen 18/09/2023 02:02 PM Actions
4089 Task In Progress Normal ConfigHandler modularity implementation Theo Stassen 17/05/2023 05:03 PM Actions
4067 Task In Progress Normal Create Calibrate CDF function Theo Stassen 11/04/2023 03:09 PM Actions
4029 Task In Progress Normal Extract and export cdf file Theo Stassen 15/02/2023 04:54 PM Actions
20 Task In Progress Normal Version de la grlib ft Vincent Leray 04/06/2015 03:45 PM Actions
4365 Task Resolved Normal Annual Report writing Theo Stassen 23/04/2024 03:24 PM Actions
4364 Task Resolved Normal Benchmarking of the code execution for really big files Theo Stassen 23/04/2024 03:22 PM Actions
4363 Task Resolved Normal Resolve massive problem of performance for SID 2 long files calibration and plot code Theo Stassen 23/04/2024 03:22 PM Actions
4362 Task Resolved Normal Meeting with Alessandro on the calibration results Theo Stassen 23/04/2024 03:18 PM Actions
4361 Task Resolved Normal Produce and test the creation of big quicklooks with calibrated data Theo Stassen 23/04/2024 03:18 PM Actions
4360 Task Resolved Normal Create new file prepare_data_for_plot which will handle completely the preparation of data before plotting Theo Stassen 23/04/2024 03:16 PM Actions
4347 Task Resolved Normal Add the temperature waveform to plot_data, as part of the default quicklook plot Theo Stassen 08/04/2024 04:49 PM Actions
4346 Task Resolved Normal Complete reshape of the method to give and prepare data for plot data Theo Stassen 08/04/2024 04:43 PM Actions
4345 Task Resolved Normal major change : all the extracted content is now in a dict "input_content" Theo Stassen 08/04/2024 04:34 PM Actions
4344 Task Resolved Normal Test the extract of temperatures data Theo Stassen 08/04/2024 04:32 PM Actions
4343 Task Resolved Normal Search different support data (temperatures, reaction wheels, etc) Theo Stassen 08/04/2024 04:31 PM Actions
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