From 21/04/2021 to 20/05/2021


01:31 PM Task #3850 (New): Validate BBM board(s)
Once soldered BBM need to be tested, this issue exists mainly to keep a track of results and also problems if there i... Alexis Jeandet
01:28 PM Task #3849 (Closed): Update BBM schematics with correct part values
To solder the BBM and keep some history of what has been done, we need an up to date schematics with correct part val... Alexis Jeandet
01:20 PM Task #3848 (Closed): BBM soldering
Solder first one board, then maybe two if we want to compare different options without doing too much modifications o... Alexis Jeandet
01:08 PM Task #3845 (In Progress): Order missing parts for BBM
Alexis Jeandet
01:07 PM Task #3817 (Closed): BBM PCB layout
PCB delivered on May 19th 2021. Alexis Jeandet
01:06 PM Task #3816 (Closed): Implement low pass filtering
Alexis Jeandet


01:29 PM Task #3845: Order missing parts for BBM
Panier Mouser envoyé à Marilyne pour les composants manquants pour le PCB BBM Dominique Alison
12:02 PM Task #3816: Implement low pass filtering
The first solution is to adapt the feedback capacitance of the first stage amplifier so that to limit the band width:... Fatima Mehrez


11:54 AM Task #3845 (Closed): Order missing parts for BBM
We have to check which parts are missing for the BBM PCB and order them ASAP. Alexis Jeandet
11:51 AM Task #3817: BBM PCB layout
Layout complete, 5 PCB ordered today. Alexis Jeandet


02:39 PM Task #3817 (In Progress): BBM PCB layout
PCB layout complete except silkscreen and maybe some test pads. Alexis Jeandet
02:37 PM Task #3815 (Closed): Create kicad project from JUICE design
Alexis Jeandet
02:25 PM Task #3815: Create kicad project from JUICE design
Schématique vérifiée par Dom OK.
* Sur chaque channel, le net CR n'est pas relié au net SCM_CR
* Les empreintes d...
Dominique Alison

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