From 16/03/2021 to 14/04/2021


02:23 PM Created: Helioswarm CERES novembre2020 final
Présentation résumée du projet Heiioswarm au CERES - CNES
Olivier Le Contel


06:02 PM Task #3815 (In Progress): Create kicad project from JUICE design
Repo created [here]( with almost RAW import from JUICE.
Alexis Jeandet
05:01 PM Task #3815 (Closed): Create kicad project from JUICE design
- Create git repo
- Import data from JUICE design.
- check that all footprints are set
- check that all values ar...
Alexis Jeandet
05:06 PM Task #3817 (Closed): BBM PCB layout
Alexis Jeandet
05:05 PM Task #3816 (Closed): Implement low pass filtering
In order to limit SCM bandwidth to either 16 or 64Hz (TBC) we should add more filtering to JUICE baseline design.
Alexis Jeandet
04:59 PM Task #3814 (New): Electronics BBM
Helioswarm Electronics BBM macro task Alexis Jeandet
04:56 PM Task #3813 (New): BBM
TBC ajouter définition du BBM. Alexis Jeandet

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