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# Programming with C++ Cpp Language 

 ## Books 

 Here are some references on C++: 

 * [The C++ Programming language, Fourth edition, Bjarne Stroustrup]( is C++11/14 is the exhaustive bible/reference from [B. Stroutrup](, the inventor of C++ 
 * [Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ 2nd edition]( (C++11/14) is a book for new comers to C++, from basics to more advanced topics it has nice explanations and comes with exercices ([solutions here]( 
 * [Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs ]( Nice book written by [Scott Meyers]( Is pre-C++11 but still very useful. 
 * [Effective Modern C++ 42    ways to improve    Your Use of C++11 and C++14](, from [Scott Meyers](, highly recommended to understand the new way of developing after C++11. Is for intermediate to advanced C++ programmers. 
 * [Scientific and Engineering C++: An Introduction with Advanced Techniques and Examples]( Pre-C++11, very good to learn C++ (for C and Fortran programmers) and presents design techniques. 

 ## Videos 

 * [Modern C++]( 
 * [Effective C++11/14]( Nice video from Scott Meyers (authors of the book effective C++11/14). very good explanation of std::move/std::forward 
 * * [Programming using C++ : Video Tutorials]( 

 ## FAQ 

 ### Smart pointers 

 * [When should I use raw pointers over smart pointers?]( 
 * [Which kind of pointer do I use and when?](