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FSW modified to have correct answers to TC_LFR_DUMP_PAR
FSW modified to have correct answers to TC_LFR_DUMP_PAR

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#include <fsw_misc.h>
#include <fsw_params.h>
extern rtems_id Task_id[]; /* array of task ids */
extern int fdSPW;
int configure_timer(gptimer_regs_t *gptimer_regs, unsigned char timer, unsigned int clock_divider,
unsigned char interrupt_level, rtems_isr (*timer_isr)() )
{ // configure the timer for the waveforms simulation
rtems_status_code status;
rtems_isr_entry old_isr_handler;
status = rtems_interrupt_catch( timer_isr, interrupt_level, &old_isr_handler) ; // see sparcv8.pdf p.76 for interrupt levels
//if (status==RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL) PRINTF("In configure_timer_for_wf_simulation *** rtems_interrupt_catch successfullly configured\n")
gptimer_regs->timer[timer].reload = clock_divider; // base clock frequency is 1 MHz
gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl = gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl | 0x00000010; // clear pending IRQ if any
gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl = gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl | 0x00000004; // LD load value from the reload register
gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl = gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl | 0x00000001; // EN enable the timer
gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl = gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl | 0x00000002; // RS restart
gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl = gptimer_regs->timer[timer].ctrl | 0x00000008; // IE interrupt enable
return 1;
void print_statistics(spw_stats *stats)
//printf(" ******** STATISTICS ******** \n");
printf("Transmit link errors: %i\n", stats->tx_link_err);
printf("Receiver RMAP header CRC errors: %i\n", stats->rx_rmap_header_crc_err);
printf("Receiver RMAP data CRC errors: %i\n", stats->rx_rmap_data_crc_err);
printf("Receiver EEP errors: %i\n", stats->rx_eep_err);
printf("Receiver truncation errors: %i\n", stats->rx_truncated);
printf("Parity errors: %i\n", stats->parity_err);
printf("Escape errors: %i\n", stats->escape_err);
printf("Credit errors: %i\n", stats->credit_err);
printf("Disconnect errors: %i\n", stats->disconnect_err);
printf("Write synchronization errors: %i\n", stats->write_sync_err);
printf("Early EOP/EEP: %i\n", stats->early_ep);
printf("Invalid Node Address: %i\n", stats->invalid_address);
printf("Packets transmitted: %i\n", stats->packets_sent);
printf("Packets received: %i\n", stats->packets_received);
int send_console_outputs_on_serial_port() // Send the console outputs on the serial port
struct apbuart_regs_str *apbuart_regs;
apbuart_regs = (struct apbuart_regs_str *) REGS_ADDR_APBUART;
apbuart_regs->ctrl = apbuart_regs->ctrl & APBUART_CTRL_REG_MASK_DB;
PRINTF("\n\n\n\n\nIn INIT *** Now the console is on port COM1\n")
return 0;
rtems_task stat_task(rtems_task_argument argument)
int i;
i = 0;
PRINTF("In STAT *** \n")
PRINTF1("%d\n", i)
if (i == 2) {
i = 0;
else i++;