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Add basic Meson build support...
Add basic Meson build support This should ease building both FSW and unit tests. Meson has a better support for building both corss and native binaries at the same time.

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r214:a9666078ac0b R3
r407:244510f22990 tip R3.3
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#ifndef AVF1_PRC1_H
#define AVF1_PRC1_H
#include "fsw_processing.h"
#include "basic_parameters.h"
#include "fsw_init.h"
typedef struct {
unsigned int norm_bp1;
unsigned int norm_bp2;
unsigned int norm_asm;
unsigned int burst_sbm_bp1;
unsigned int burst_sbm_bp2;
unsigned int burst_bp1;
unsigned int burst_bp2;
unsigned int sbm2_bp1;
unsigned int sbm2_bp2;
} nb_sm_before_bp_asm_f1;
rtems_task avf1_task( rtems_task_argument lfrRequestedMode );
rtems_task prc1_task( rtems_task_argument lfrRequestedMode );
void reset_nb_sm_f1( unsigned char lfrMode );
void init_k_coefficients_prc1( void );
extern rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_prc1( rtems_id *queue_id );
#endif // AVF1_PRC1_H