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Several TC actions added...
Several TC actions added TM answers updated STANDBY mode is the default mode NORMAL mode can now be activated via the ENTER_MODE TC

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r11:84136ad726a3 default
r11:84136ad726a3 default
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<ActiveTarget name="Debug" />
<File name="../header/ccsds_types.h" open="1" top="0" tabpos="3">
<Cursor position="3403" topLine="101" />
<File name="../header/fsw_init.h" open="0" top="0" tabpos="3">
<Cursor position="899" topLine="0" />
<File name="../header/fsw_misc.h" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="114" topLine="0" />
<File name="../header/fsw_params.h" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="2405" topLine="52" />
<File name="../header/fsw_processing.h" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="576" topLine="0" />
<File name="../header/grlib_regs.h" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="1072" topLine="0" />
<File name="../header/tc_handler.h" open="0" top="0" tabpos="4">
<Cursor position="481" topLine="0" />
<File name="../header/wf_handler.h" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="212" topLine="0" />
<File name="../src/fsw_globals.c" open="0" top="0" tabpos="4">
<Cursor position="1531" topLine="1" />
<File name="../src/fsw_init.c" open="1" top="0" tabpos="1">
<Cursor position="9387" topLine="83" />
<File name="../src/fsw_misc.c" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="20" topLine="0" />
<File name="../src/fsw_processing.c" open="0" top="0" tabpos="3">
<Cursor position="1797" topLine="73" />
<File name="../src/tc_handler.c" open="1" top="1" tabpos="2">
<Cursor position="10603" topLine="21" />
<File name="../src/wf_handler.c" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="542" topLine="0" />