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the interrupt sub routine related to the waveform picker is now lighter...
the interrupt sub routine related to the waveform picker is now lighter no more picks are observed on the waveforms

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#include <rtems.h>
#include <grspw.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h> // abs() is in the stdlib
#include <stdio.h> // printf()
#include <math.h>
#include "fsw_params.h"
#include "fsw_spacewire.h"
extern volatile int sm_f0[ ];
extern volatile int sm_f1[ ];
extern volatile int sm_f2[ ];
// parameters
extern struct param_local_str param_local;
// registers
extern time_management_regs_t *time_management_regs;
extern spectral_matrix_regs_t *spectral_matrix_regs;
extern rtems_name misc_name[5];
extern rtems_id Task_id[20]; /* array of task ids */
void init_sm_rings( void );
void reset_current_sm_ring_nodes( void );
// ISR
void reset_nb_sm_f0( void );
rtems_isr spectral_matrices_isr( rtems_vector_number vector );
rtems_isr spectral_matrices_isr_simu( rtems_vector_number vector );
rtems_task avf0_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
rtems_task smiq_task(rtems_task_argument argument); // added to test the spectral matrix simulator
rtems_task matr_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
void matrix_reset(volatile float *averaged_spec_mat);
void BP1_set_old(float * compressed_spec_mat, unsigned char nb_bins_compressed_spec_mat, unsigned char * LFR_BP1);
void BP2_set_old(float * compressed_spec_mat, unsigned char nb_bins_compressed_spec_mat);
void init_header_asm( Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header);
void ASM_reorganize( float *averaged_spec_mat, float *averaged_spec_mat_reorganized );
void ASM_compress( float *averaged_spec_mat, unsigned char fChannel, float *compressed_spec_mat );
void ASM_convert(volatile float *input_matrix, char *output_matrix);
void ASM_send(Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header, char *spectral_matrix,
unsigned int sid, spw_ioctl_pkt_send *spw_ioctl_send, rtems_id queue_id);
void fill_averaged_spectral_matrix( void );
void reset_spectral_matrix_regs();