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Two bugs corrected:...
Two bugs corrected: shift of 1 in avf0_prc0.C and avf1_prc1.c constants updated in lfr_common_headers for proper configuration

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r318:d3701d39af11 R3_plus
r323:4edb4fc1ba23 R3_plus
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#include <rtems.h>
#include <grspw.h>
#include <fcntl.h> // for O_RDWR
#include <unistd.h> // for the read call
#include <sys/ioctl.h> // for the ioctl call
#include <errno.h>
#include "fsw_params.h"
#include "tc_handler.h"
#include "fsw_init.h"
#define SPW_LINK_OK 5
#define CONF_TCODE_CTRL 0x0909 // [Time Rx : Time Tx : Link error : Tick-out IRQ]
#define SPW_BIT_NP 0x00100000 // [NP] set the No port force bit
#define SPW_BIT_NP_MASK 0xffdfffff
#define SPW_BIT_RE 0x00010000 // [RE] set the RMAP Enable bit
#define SPW_BIT_RE_MASK 0xfffdffff
#define SPW_LINK_STAT_POS 21
extern spw_stats grspw_stats;
extern rtems_name timecode_timer_name;
extern rtems_id timecode_timer_id;
extern unsigned char oneTcLfrUpdateTimeReceived;
rtems_task spiq_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task recv_task( rtems_task_argument unused );
rtems_task send_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task link_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
int spacewire_open_link( void );
int spacewire_start_link( int fd );
int spacewire_stop_and_start_link( int fd );
int spacewire_configure_link(int fd );
int spacewire_several_connect_attemps( void );
void spacewire_set_NP( unsigned char val, unsigned int regAddr ); // No Port force
void spacewire_set_RE( unsigned char val, unsigned int regAddr ); // RMAP Enable
void spacewire_read_statistics( void );
void spacewire_get_last_error( void );
void update_hk_lfr_last_er_fields(unsigned int rid, unsigned char code);
void update_hk_with_grspw_stats(void );
void spacewire_update_hk_lfr_link_state( unsigned char *hk_lfr_status_word_0 );
void increase_unsigned_char_counter( unsigned char *counter );
void init_header_cwf( Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *header );
void init_header_swf( Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_SWF_t *header );
void init_header_asm( Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header );
int spw_send_waveform_CWF( ring_node *ring_node_to_send, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *header );
int spw_send_waveform_SWF( ring_node *ring_node_to_send, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_SWF_t *header );
int spw_send_waveform_CWF3_light( ring_node *ring_node_to_send, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *header );
void spw_send_asm_f0( ring_node *ring_node_to_send, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header );
void spw_send_asm_f1( ring_node *ring_node_to_send, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header );
void spw_send_asm_f2( ring_node *ring_node_to_send, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header );
void spw_send_k_dump( ring_node *ring_node_to_send );
unsigned int check_timecode_and_previous_timecode_coherency(unsigned char currentTimecodeCtr);
unsigned int check_timecode_and_internal_time_coherency(unsigned char timecode, unsigned char internalTime);
void timecode_irq_handler( void *pDev, void *regs, int minor, unsigned int tc );
rtems_timer_service_routine timecode_timer_routine( rtems_id timer_id, void *user_data );
void (*grspw_timecode_callback) ( void *pDev, void *regs, int minor, unsigned int tc );