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Two bugs corrected:...
Two bugs corrected: shift of 1 in avf0_prc0.C and avf1_prc1.c constants updated in lfr_common_headers for proper configuration

File last commit:

r304:7f467c56a168 R3_plus
r323:4edb4fc1ba23 R3_plus
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#include <rtems.h>
#include <leon.h>
#include "fsw_params.h"
#include "fsw_misc.h"
#include "fsw_processing.h"
#include "tc_handler.h"
#include "wf_handler.h"
#include "fsw_spacewire.h"
#include "avf0_prc0.h"
#include "avf1_prc1.h"
#include "avf2_prc2.h"
extern rtems_name Task_name[]; /* array of task names */
extern rtems_id Task_id[]; /* array of task ids */
extern rtems_name timecode_timer_name;
extern rtems_id timecode_timer_id;
extern unsigned char pa_bia_status_info;
extern unsigned char cp_rpw_sc_rw_f_flags;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw1_f1;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw1_f2;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw2_f1;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw2_f2;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw3_f1;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw3_f2;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw4_f1;
extern float cp_rpw_sc_rw4_f2;
extern filterPar_t filterPar;
rtems_task Init( rtems_task_argument argument);
// OTHER functions
void create_names( void );
int create_all_tasks( void );
int start_all_tasks( void );
rtems_status_code create_message_queues( void );
rtems_status_code create_timecode_timer( void );
rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_send( rtems_id *queue_id );
rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_recv( rtems_id *queue_id );
rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_prc0( rtems_id *queue_id );
rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_prc1( rtems_id *queue_id );
rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_prc2( rtems_id *queue_id );
void update_queue_max_count( rtems_id queue_id, unsigned char*fifo_size_max );
void init_ring(ring_node ring[], unsigned char nbNodes, volatile int buffer[], unsigned int bufferSize );
int start_recv_send_tasks( void );
void init_local_mode_parameters( void );
void reset_local_time( void );
extern void rtems_cpu_usage_report( void );
extern void rtems_cpu_usage_reset( void );
extern void rtems_stack_checker_report_usage( void );
extern int sched_yield( void );