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Draft implementation of the TC_LFR_LOAD_NORMAL_PAR
Draft implementation of the TC_LFR_LOAD_NORMAL_PAR

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r10:4baf2642cd31 default
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#include <errno.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <grspw.h>
#include <apbuart.h>
#include <fsw_params.h>
#include <fsw_misc.h>
#include <fsw_processing.h>
#include <tc_handler.h>
#include <wf_handler.h>
#include <grlib_regs.h>
extern int sched_yield();
extern int errno;
extern rtems_id Task_id[ ]; /* array of task ids */
extern rtems_name Task_name[ ]; /* array of task names */
extern rtems_name misc_name[ ]; /* arry of miscellaneous names for rtems objects */
extern int fdSPW; // grspw file descriptor
extern int fdUART; // uart file descriptor
extern struct param_norm_str param_norm;
rtems_task Init( rtems_task_argument argument); /* forward declaration needed */
rtems_task recv_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
rtems_task spiq_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
rtems_task stat_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
rtems_task wfrm_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
int create_all_tasks();
int start_all_tasks();
int create_message_queue();
// OTHER functions
void init_default_mode_parameters();
int configure_spw_link();
int send_console_outputs_on_serial_port();
extern int rtems_cpu_usage_report();
extern int rtems_cpu_usage_reset();
void print_statistics(spw_stats *);
rtems_status_code write_spw(spw_ioctl_pkt_send* spw_ioctl_send);