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Switched to O3 with no inlining optim level for debug builds...
Switched to O3 with no inlining optim level for debug builds Debug builds are mostly used for gcov while it seems a bad idea(-O3), with O0 the FSW uses more than 100% CPU in normal mode so the treadoff is to switch to O3 without inlining, this preserves the 1 to 1 relation between code and gcov counters.

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r389:74df79cc7806 No PWD scrub with...
r397:0c445dc7a949 R3++
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#include <rtems.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <grspw.h>
#include <grlib_regs.h>
#include "fsw_params.h"
#include "fsw_spacewire.h"
#include "lfr_cpu_usage_report.h"
#define NB_RTEMS_EVENTS 32
#define EVENT_12 12
#define EVENT_13 13
#define EVENT_14 14
#define DUMB_MESSAGE_1 "in DUMB *** timecode_irq_handler"
#define DUMB_MESSAGE_12 "WATCHDOG timer"
#define DUMB_MESSAGE_13 "TIMECODE timer"
enum lfr_reset_cause_t{
typedef struct{
unsigned char dpu_spw_parity;
unsigned char dpu_spw_disconnect;
unsigned char dpu_spw_escape;
unsigned char dpu_spw_credit;
unsigned char dpu_spw_write_sync;
unsigned char timecode_erroneous;
unsigned char timecode_missing;
unsigned char timecode_invalid;
unsigned char time_timecode_it;
unsigned char time_not_synchro;
unsigned char time_timecode_ctr;
unsigned char ahb_correctable;
} hk_lfr_le_t;
typedef struct{
unsigned char dpu_spw_early_eop;
unsigned char dpu_spw_invalid_addr;
unsigned char dpu_spw_eep;
unsigned char dpu_spw_rx_too_big;
} hk_lfr_me_t;
#define B00 196
#define B01 196
#define B02 0
#define B10 131
#define B11 -244
#define B12 131
#define B20 161
#define B21 -314
#define B22 161
#define A00 1
#define A01 -925
#define A02 0
#define A10 1
#define A11 -947
#define A12 439
#define A20 1
#define A21 -993
#define A22 486
#define GAIN_B0 12
#define GAIN_B1 11
#define GAIN_B2 10
#define GAIN_A0 10
#define GAIN_A1 9
#define GAIN_A2 9
#define NB_COEFFS 3
#define COEFF0 0
#define COEFF1 1
#define COEFF2 2
typedef struct filter_ctx
extern gptimer_regs_t *gptimer_regs;
extern void ASR16_get_FPRF_IURF_ErrorCounters( unsigned int*, unsigned int* );
extern void CCR_getInstructionAndDataErrorCounters( unsigned int*, unsigned int* );
extern rtems_name name_hk_rate_monotonic; // name of the HK rate monotonic
extern rtems_id HK_id;// id of the HK rate monotonic period
extern rtems_name name_avgv_rate_monotonic; // name of the AVGV rate monotonic
extern rtems_id AVGV_id;// id of the AVGV rate monotonic period
void timer_configure( unsigned char timer, unsigned int clock_divider,
unsigned char interrupt_level, rtems_isr (*timer_isr)() );
void timer_start( unsigned char timer );
void timer_stop( unsigned char timer );
void timer_set_clock_divider(unsigned char timer, unsigned int clock_divider);
rtems_isr watchdog_isr( rtems_vector_number vector );
void watchdog_configure(void);
void watchdog_stop(void);
void watchdog_reload(void);
void watchdog_start(void);
int send_console_outputs_on_apbuart_port( void );
int enable_apbuart_transmitter( void );
void set_apbuart_scaler_reload_register(unsigned int regs, unsigned int value);
rtems_task load_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task hous_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task avgv_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task dumb_task( rtems_task_argument unused );
rtems_task scrubbing_task( rtems_task_argument unused );
rtems_task calibration_sweep_task( rtems_task_argument unused );
void init_housekeeping_parameters( void );
void increment_seq_counter(unsigned short *packetSequenceControl);
void getTime( unsigned char *time);
unsigned long long int getTimeAsUnsignedLongLongInt( );
void get_temperatures( unsigned char *temperatures );
void get_v_e1_e2_f3( unsigned char *spacecraft_potential );
void get_cpu_load( unsigned char *resource_statistics );
void set_hk_lfr_sc_potential_flag( bool state );
void set_sy_lfr_pas_filter_enabled( bool state );
void set_sy_lfr_watchdog_enabled( bool state );
void set_hk_lfr_calib_enable( bool state );
void set_hk_lfr_reset_cause( enum lfr_reset_cause_t lfr_reset_cause );
void hk_lfr_le_me_he_update();
void set_hk_lfr_time_not_synchro();
extern int sched_yield( void );
extern void rtems_cpu_usage_reset();
extern ring_node *current_ring_node_f3;
extern ring_node *ring_node_to_send_cwf_f3;
extern ring_node waveform_ring_f3[];
extern unsigned short sequenceCounterHK;
extern unsigned char hk_lfr_q_sd_fifo_size_max;
extern unsigned char hk_lfr_q_rv_fifo_size_max;
extern unsigned char hk_lfr_q_p0_fifo_size_max;
extern unsigned char hk_lfr_q_p1_fifo_size_max;
extern unsigned char hk_lfr_q_p2_fifo_size_max;