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New Plugin Manager and interface to remove all the previous crap!...
New Plugin Manager and interface to remove all the previous crap! Let's use Qt plugin API and make it much simpler.

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SocExplorer is an open source generic System On Chip testing software/framework. We write this software for the development and the validation of our instrument, the Low Frequency Receiver(LFR) for the Solar Orbiter mission. This instrument is based on an actel FPGA hosting a LEON3FT processor and some peripherals. To make it more collaborative, we use a plugin based system, the main executable is SocExplorer then all the functionality are provided by plugins. Like this everybody can provide his set of plugins to handle a new SOC or just a new peripheral. SocExplorer uses PythonQt to allow user to automate some tasks such as loading some plugins, configuring them and talking with his device.


SocExplorer is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


More details here

How to build

To build it on linux you can look here https://hephaistos.lpp.polytechnique.fr/redmine/projects/socexplorer/wiki/Linux_setup

If you can't access to it, first you will need a working qt5 kit with all the development packages. Step 1: You need to get a modified version of PythonQt, you can clone it from our repository

  hg clone https://hephaistos.lpp.polytechnique.fr/rhodecode/HG_REPOSITORIES/LPP/INSTRUMENTATION/USERS/JEANDET/PythonQt PythonQt
  cd PythonQt
  sudo make install

Step 2: Get and install SocExplorer

  hg clone https://hephaistos.lpp.polytechnique.fr/rhodecode/HG_REPOSITORIES/LPP/INSTRUMENTATION/SocExplorer SocExplorer
  cd SocExplorer
  sudo make install
  mkdir -p ~/.SocExplorer/config
  cp ressources/Grlib.xml ~/.SocExplorer/config/Grlib.xml

Step 3: Get and install SocExplorer main plugins

  hg clone https://hephaistos.lpp.polytechnique.fr/rhodecode/HG_REPOSITORIES/LPP/INSTRUMENTATION/SocExplorerPlugins SocExplorerPlugins
  make install # /!\ As regular user!

Bug repports

To repport any bug you can either send a mail or repport an issue here