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<!-- Copyright 2014 Alexis Jeandet <alexis.jeandet@member.fsf.org> -->
<id type="desktop">socexplorer.desktop</id>
<summary>SocExplorer is an open source generic System On Chip testing software/framework</summary>
SocExplorer is an open source generic System On Chip testing software/framework.
We write this software for the development and the validation of our instrument, the Low Frequency Receiver(LFR) for the Solar Orbiter mission. This instrument is based on an actel FPGA hosting a LEON3FT processor and some peripherals.
To make it more collaborative, we use a plugin based system, the main executable is SocExplorer then all the functionality are provided by plugins. Like this everybody can provide his set of plugins to handle a new SOC or just a new peripheral. SocExplorer uses PythonQt to allow user to automate some tasks such as loading some plugins, configuring them and talking with his device.
<screenshot type="default" width="800" height="600">https://hephaistos.lpp.polytechnique.fr/redmine/attachments/download/384/SocExplorer_ScreenShot1.png</screenshot>
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