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* libelf.h - public header file for libelf.
* Copyright (C) 1995 - 2008 Michael Riepe
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
/* @(#) $Id: libelf.h,v 1.29 2009/07/07 17:57:43 michael Exp $ */
#ifndef _LIBELF_H
#define _LIBELF_H
#include <stddef.h> /* for size_t */
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys_elf.h>
#else /* __LIBELF_INTERNAL__ */
#include <libelf/sys_elf.h>
#endif /* __LIBELF_INTERNAL__ */
#if defined __GNUC__ && !defined __cplusplus
#define DEPRECATED __attribute__((deprecated))
#define DEPRECATED /* nothing */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#endif /* __cplusplus */
#ifndef __P
# if (__STDC__ + 0) || defined(__cplusplus) || defined(_WIN32)
# define __P(args) args
# else /* __STDC__ || defined(__cplusplus) */
# define __P(args) ()
# endif /* __STDC__ || defined(__cplusplus) */
#endif /* __P */
* Commands
typedef enum {
ELF_C_NULL = 0, /* must be first, 0 */
ELF_C_NUM /* must be last */
} Elf_Cmd;
* Flags
#define ELF_F_DIRTY 0x1
#define ELF_F_LAYOUT 0x4
* Allow sections to overlap when ELF_F_LAYOUT is in effect.
* Note that this flag ist NOT portable, and that it may render
* the output file unusable. Use with extreme caution!
#define ELF_F_LAYOUT_OVERLAP 0x10000000
* File types
typedef enum {
ELF_K_NONE = 0, /* must be first, 0 */
ELF_K_NUM /* must be last */
} Elf_Kind;
* Data types
typedef enum {
ELF_T_BYTE = 0, /* must be first, 0 */
* New stuff for 64-bit.
* Most implementations add ELF_T_SXWORD after ELF_T_SWORD
* which breaks binary compatibility with earlier versions.
* If this causes problems for you, contact me.
* Symbol versioning. Sun broke binary compatibility (again!),
* but I won't.
ELF_T_NUM /* must be last */
} Elf_Type;
* Elf descriptor
typedef struct Elf Elf;
* Section descriptor
typedef struct Elf_Scn Elf_Scn;
* Archive member header
typedef struct {
char* ar_name;
time_t ar_date;
long ar_uid;
long ar_gid;
unsigned long ar_mode;
off_t ar_size;
char* ar_rawname;
} Elf_Arhdr;
* Archive symbol table
typedef struct {
char* as_name;
size_t as_off;
unsigned long as_hash;
} Elf_Arsym;
* Data descriptor
typedef struct {
void* d_buf;
Elf_Type d_type;
size_t d_size;
off_t d_off;
size_t d_align;
unsigned d_version;
} Elf_Data;
* Function declarations
extern Elf *elf_begin __P((int __fd, Elf_Cmd __cmd, Elf *__ref));
extern Elf *elf_memory __P((char *__image, size_t __size));
extern int elf_cntl __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Cmd __cmd));
extern int elf_end __P((Elf *__elf));
extern const char *elf_errmsg __P((int __err));
extern int elf_errno __P((void));
extern void elf_fill __P((int __fill));
extern unsigned elf_flagdata __P((Elf_Data *__data, Elf_Cmd __cmd,
unsigned __flags));
extern unsigned elf_flagehdr __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Cmd __cmd,
unsigned __flags));
extern unsigned elf_flagelf __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Cmd __cmd,
unsigned __flags));
extern unsigned elf_flagphdr __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Cmd __cmd,
unsigned __flags));
extern unsigned elf_flagscn __P((Elf_Scn *__scn, Elf_Cmd __cmd,
unsigned __flags));
extern unsigned elf_flagshdr __P((Elf_Scn *__scn, Elf_Cmd __cmd,
unsigned __flags));
extern size_t elf32_fsize __P((Elf_Type __type, size_t __count,
unsigned __ver));
extern Elf_Arhdr *elf_getarhdr __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf_Arsym *elf_getarsym __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__ptr));
extern off_t elf_getbase __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf_Data *elf_getdata __P((Elf_Scn *__scn, Elf_Data *__data));
extern Elf32_Ehdr *elf32_getehdr __P((Elf *__elf));
extern char *elf_getident __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__ptr));
extern Elf32_Phdr *elf32_getphdr __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf_Scn *elf_getscn __P((Elf *__elf, size_t __index));
extern Elf32_Shdr *elf32_getshdr __P((Elf_Scn *__scn));
extern unsigned long elf_hash __P((const unsigned char *__name));
extern Elf_Kind elf_kind __P((Elf *__elf));
extern size_t elf_ndxscn __P((Elf_Scn *__scn));
extern Elf_Data *elf_newdata __P((Elf_Scn *__scn));
extern Elf32_Ehdr *elf32_newehdr __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf32_Phdr *elf32_newphdr __P((Elf *__elf, size_t __count));
extern Elf_Scn *elf_newscn __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf_Cmd elf_next __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf_Scn *elf_nextscn __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Scn *__scn));
extern size_t elf_rand __P((Elf *__elf, size_t __offset));
extern Elf_Data *elf_rawdata __P((Elf_Scn *__scn, Elf_Data *__data));
extern char *elf_rawfile __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__ptr));
extern char *elf_strptr __P((Elf *__elf, size_t __section, size_t __offset));
extern off_t elf_update __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Cmd __cmd));
extern unsigned elf_version __P((unsigned __ver));
extern Elf_Data *elf32_xlatetof __P((Elf_Data *__dst, const Elf_Data *__src,
unsigned __encode));
extern Elf_Data *elf32_xlatetom __P((Elf_Data *__dst, const Elf_Data *__src,
unsigned __encode));
* Additional functions found on Solaris
extern long elf32_checksum __P((Elf *__elf));
#if __LIBELF64
* 64-bit ELF functions
* Not available on all platforms
extern Elf64_Ehdr *elf64_getehdr __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf64_Ehdr *elf64_newehdr __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf64_Phdr *elf64_getphdr __P((Elf *__elf));
extern Elf64_Phdr *elf64_newphdr __P((Elf *__elf, size_t __count));
extern Elf64_Shdr *elf64_getshdr __P((Elf_Scn *__scn));
extern size_t elf64_fsize __P((Elf_Type __type, size_t __count,
unsigned __ver));
extern Elf_Data *elf64_xlatetof __P((Elf_Data *__dst, const Elf_Data *__src,
unsigned __encode));
extern Elf_Data *elf64_xlatetom __P((Elf_Data *__dst, const Elf_Data *__src,
unsigned __encode));
* Additional functions found on Solaris
extern long elf64_checksum __P((Elf *__elf));
#endif /* __LIBELF64 */
* ELF format extensions
* These functions return 0 on failure, 1 on success. Since other
* implementations of libelf may behave differently (there was quite
* some confusion about the correct values), they are now officially
* deprecated and should be replaced with the three new functions below.
DEPRECATED extern int elf_getphnum __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__resultp));
DEPRECATED extern int elf_getshnum __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__resultp));
DEPRECATED extern int elf_getshstrndx __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__resultp));
* Replacement functions (return -1 on failure, 0 on success).
extern int elf_getphdrnum __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__resultp));
extern int elf_getshdrnum __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__resultp));
extern int elf_getshdrstrndx __P((Elf *__elf, size_t *__resultp));
* Convenience functions
* elfx_update_shstrndx is elf_getshstrndx's counterpart.
* It should be used to set the e_shstrndx member.
* There is no update function for e_shnum or e_phnum
* because libelf handles them internally.
extern int elfx_update_shstrndx __P((Elf *__elf, size_t __index));
* Experimental extensions:
* elfx_movscn() moves section `__scn' directly after section `__after'.
* elfx_remscn() removes section `__scn'. Both functions update
* the section indices; elfx_remscn() also adjusts the ELF header's
* e_shnum member. The application is responsible for updating other
* data (in particular, e_shstrndx and the section headers' sh_link and
* sh_info members).
* elfx_movscn() returns the new index of the moved section.
* elfx_remscn() returns the original index of the removed section.
* A return value of zero indicates an error.
extern size_t elfx_movscn __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Scn *__scn, Elf_Scn *__after));
extern size_t elfx_remscn __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Scn *__scn));
* elf_delscn() is obsolete. Please use elfx_remscn() instead.
extern size_t elf_delscn __P((Elf *__elf, Elf_Scn *__scn));
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __cplusplus */
#endif /* _LIBELF_H */