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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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** Other Usage
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** If you have questions regarding the use of this file, please contact
** Nokia at qt-info@nokia.com.
Custom project wizard configuration example file. Note that by convention,
the project file goes last.
The "class" and "firstpage" attributes specify that it is a Qt 4 wizard and
leave room for the Qt 4 target page.
<wizard version="1" kind="project"
class="qt4project" firstpage="1"
id="A.SocExplorer" category="B.SocExplorerPlugin">
<description>Creates a new empty SocExplorer Plugin.</description>
<file source="plugin.cpp" target="%ProjectName%.cpp" openeditor="true"/>
<file source="plugin.h" target="%ProjectName%.h" openeditor="true"/>
<file source="project.pro" target="%ProjectName%.pro" openproject="true"/>
<!-- Create a 2nd wizard page with parameters -->
<fieldpagetitle>Plugin Parameters</fieldpagetitle>
<field mandatory="true" name="driver_Name">
<fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" validator='^[^"]+$'
defaulttext="Driver Name" />
<fielddescription>Driver Name:</fielddescription>
<field mandatory="true" name="driver_Author">
<fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" validator='^[^"]+$'
defaulttext="Author" />
<field mandatory="true" name="driver_Mail">
<fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" validator='^[^"]+$'
defaulttext="user@mail" />
<field mandatory="true" name="driver_Version">
<fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" validator='^[^"]+$'
defaulttext="0.0.1" />
<fielddescription>Driver Version:</fielddescription>
<field mandatory="true" name="driver_Description">
<fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" validator='^[^"]+$'
defaulttext="Driver description" />
<fielddescription>Driver description:</fielddescription>
<field name="ISROOT">
<fieldcontrol class="QCheckBox" truevalue="1" falsevalue="0"/>
<fielddescription>This driver can be a root driver</fielddescription>
<field name="ISCHILD">
<fieldcontrol class="QCheckBox" truevalue="1" falsevalue="0"/>
<fielddescription>This driver can be a child driver</fielddescription>
<field name="driver_VID">
<fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" validator="^[0-9]+$" defaulttext="0" />
<fielddescription>Plugin VID:</fielddescription>
<field name="driver_PID">
<fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" validator="^[0-9]+$" defaulttext="0" />
<fielddescription>Plugin PID:</fielddescription>