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/*! \file SimpleConsole.h
* \brief defines SimpleConsole
* \author "Melven Zoellner" <melven@topen.org>
// include-guard
// Qt-includes
#include <QPlainTextEdit>
// Qt-forward declarations
class QCompleter;
class QEventLoop;
/*! \brief a base class for console widgets (e.g. command prompts)
* Modifies the behaviour of a QPlainTextEdit to make it suitable as a lightweight console
class SimpleConsole : public QPlainTextEdit
Q_PROPERTY(QString prompt READ getPrompt WRITE setPrompt)
Q_PROPERTY(QString prompt2 READ getPrompt2 WRITE setPrompt2)
Q_PROPERTY(int maximumHistorySize READ getMaximumHistorySize WRITE setMaximumHistorySize)
Q_PROPERTY(QStringList history READ getHistory WRITE setHistory)
public slots:
void output(QString s); //!< print output in console
void htmlOutput(QString s); //!< print html output in console
explicit SimpleConsole(QWidget *parent = 0); //!< the constructor
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e); //!< overwritten event-handler from base class
void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *e); //!< overwritten event-handler from base class
void setCompleter(QCompleter* c); //!< set QCompleter for autocompletion
const QCompleter *completer() const {return _completer;}//!< getQCompleter for autocompletion
QString currentCommand() const; //!< helper function: get current command (block) string
QString currentLine() const; //!< helper function: get last line of the current command (block)
/*! prompts the user for input during execution of a command
* \warning starts a new eventloop and returns only when the user presses return
QString waitForUserInput();
//! the state of the console
enum ConsoleState
UndefinedConsoleState = 0,
ConsoleState state() const {return _state;} //!< return current console state
QString getPrompt() const {return _prompt;} //!< getter for _prompt
void setPrompt(QString p) {_prompt = p;} //!< setter for _prompt
QString getPrompt2() const {return _prompt2;} //!< getter for _prompt2
void setPrompt2(QString p2) {_prompt2 = p2;} //!< setter for _prompt2
int getMaximumHistorySize() const {return _maxHistSize;}//!< getter for _maxHistSize
void setMaximumHistorySize(int maxSize); //!< setter for _maxHistSize
QStringList getHistory() const {return _history;} //!< getter for _history
void setHistory(QStringList newHistory); //!< setter for _history
void execute(QString command); //!< emitted on enter
void autocompletionRequested(); //!< emitted before the autocompletion should popup
void executeCurrentCommand(QString CMD); //!< helper function: emits execute
protected slots:
void insertPrompt(bool newBlock); //!< helper function: starts a new command prompt
void updateLastValidCursor(); //!< helper function: updates _lastValidCursor
void insertCompletion(QString word); //!< helper function: replaces current word
QString _prompt; //!< string at the beginning of the line (_prompt and _prompt2 must have the same length!)
QString _prompt2; //!< string at the beginning of the line for multi-line commands
int _inputIndex; //!< index in last line where the input begins (used in currentLine())
int _maxHistSize; //!< maximal number of entries in the history
QStringList _history; //!< list of previous commands
int _historyPosition; //!< current position in history
QTextCursor _lastValidCursor; //!< saves the last cursor to go back to it
QCompleter *_completer; //!< for autocompletion
ConsoleState _state; //!< current state of the console
QEventLoop *_userInputEventLoop; //!< event loop for user input
void executeCurrentCommand(); //!< helper function: emits execute
void extendMultilineCommand(); //!< helper function: continues current command in the next line
void setCurrentLine(QString line); //!< helper function: replace last line of the current command (block)
void historyAdd(QString line); //!< helper function: add string to the history
void historyUp(); //!< helper function: move up in history
void historyDown(); //!< helper function: move down in history
bool modificationAllowed(const QTextCursor &c) const; //!< helper function: checks if modification of selected text is allowed
bool positionCursor(const QKeyEvent *e); //!< helper function: handle cursor movements in current command
int cursorPositionOfLastLine() const; //!< helper function: get position of beginning of the last line
void requestAutocompletion(); //!< helper function: popups QCompleter
bool setState(ConsoleState newState); //!< helper function: tries to change state of the console
#endif /* SIMPLECONSOLE_H */