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New Plugin Manager and interface to remove all the previous crap!...
New Plugin Manager and interface to remove all the previous crap! Let's use Qt plugin API and make it much simpler.

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Added some regs definitions for LFR instrument. Added memory size measurement.
r73 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<soc name="Leon">
<peripheral vid="32" name="SRCTRLS-0WS" pid="1">
<register name="EDAC Control" addOffset="0">
<bitField size="4" offset="0" name="BTOS" mode="3" desc="write or read busy to scrub delay configuration"/>
<bitField size="4" offset="4" name="SCRUBRATE" mode="3" desc="write or read scrub rate period configuration"/>
<bitField name="RUN" offset="8" size="1" mode="3" desc="when set run the memory configuration"/>
<bitField name="BPBUSYN" offset="9" size="1" mode="3" desc="make controller to ignore busy signal"/>
<bitField name="WENSRAM" offset="12" size="8" mode="3" desc="when set write configuration to chip 8 to 1, else read configuration"/>
<bitField name="BYPASSEDAC" offset="20" size="8" mode="3" desc="bypass edac (for chips 8 to 1)"/>
<bitField name="WASHMEM" offset="31" size="1" mode="3" desc="Frame error (FE) - indicates that a framing error was detected. Reset value: ‘0’"/>