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r52 /*
* errors.h - exhaustive list of all error codes and messages for libelf.
* Copyright (C) 1995 - 2003, 2006 Michael Riepe
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
/* @(#) $Id: errors.h,v 1.18 2008/05/23 08:15:34 michael Exp $ */
/* dummy for xgettext */
#define _(str) str
__err__(ERROR_OK, _("no error"))
__err__(ERROR_UNKNOWN, _("unknown error"))
__err__(ERROR_INTERNAL, _("Internal error: unknown reason"))
__err__(ERROR_UNIMPLEMENTED, _("Internal error: not implemented"))
__err__(ERROR_WRONLY, _("Request error: cntl(ELF_C_FDREAD) on write-only file"))
__err__(ERROR_INVALID_CMD, _("Request error: invalid ELF_C_* argument"))
__err__(ERROR_FDDISABLED, _("Request error: file descriptor disabled"))
__err__(ERROR_NOTARCHIVE, _("Request error: not an archive"))
__err__(ERROR_BADOFF, _("Request error: offset out of range"))
__err__(ERROR_UNKNOWN_VERSION, _("Request error: unknown ELF version"))
__err__(ERROR_CMDMISMATCH, _("Request error: ELF_C_* argument does not match"))
__err__(ERROR_MEMBERWRITE, _("Request error: archive member begin() for writing"))
__err__(ERROR_FDMISMATCH, _("Request error: archive/member file descriptor mismatch"))
__err__(ERROR_NOTELF, _("Request error: not an ELF file"))
__err__(ERROR_CLASSMISMATCH, _("Request error: class file/memory mismatch"))
__err__(ERROR_UNKNOWN_TYPE, _("Request error: invalid ELF_T_* argument"))
__err__(ERROR_UNKNOWN_ENCODING, _("Request error: unknown data encoding"))
__err__(ERROR_DST2SMALL, _("Request error: destination buffer too small"))
__err__(ERROR_NULLBUF, _("Request error: d_buf is NULL"))
__err__(ERROR_UNKNOWN_CLASS, _("Request error: unknown ELF class"))
__err__(ERROR_ELFSCNMISMATCH, _("Request error: section does not belong to file"))
__err__(ERROR_NOSUCHSCN, _("Request error: no section at index"))
__err__(ERROR_NULLSCN, _("Request error: can't manipulate null section"))
__err__(ERROR_SCNDATAMISMATCH, _("Request error: data does not belong to section"))
__err__(ERROR_NOSTRTAB, _("Request error: no string table"))
__err__(ERROR_BADSTROFF, _("Request error: string table offset out of range"))
__err__(ERROR_RDONLY, _("Request error: update(ELF_C_WRITE) on read-only file"))
__err__(ERROR_IO_SEEK, _("I/O error: seek"))
__err__(ERROR_IO_2BIG, _("I/O error: file too big for memory"))
__err__(ERROR_IO_READ, _("I/O error: raw read"))
__err__(ERROR_IO_GETSIZE, _("I/O error: get file size"))
__err__(ERROR_IO_WRITE, _("I/O error: output write"))
__err__(ERROR_IO_TRUNC, _("I/O error: can't truncate output file"))
__err__(ERROR_VERSION_UNSET, _("Sequence error: must set ELF version first"))
__err__(ERROR_NOEHDR, _("Sequence error: must create ELF header first"))
__err__(ERROR_OUTSIDE, _("Format error: reference outside file"))
__err__(ERROR_TRUNC_ARHDR, _("Format error: archive header truncated"))
__err__(ERROR_ARFMAG, _("Format error: archive fmag"))
__err__(ERROR_ARHDR, _("Format error: archive header"))
__err__(ERROR_TRUNC_MEMBER, _("Format error: archive member truncated"))
__err__(ERROR_SIZE_ARSYMTAB, _("Format error: archive symbol table size"))
__err__(ERROR_ARSTRTAB, _("Format error: archive string table"))
__err__(ERROR_ARSPECIAL, _("Format error: archive special name unknown"))
__err__(ERROR_TRUNC_EHDR, _("Format error: ELF header truncated"))
__err__(ERROR_TRUNC_PHDR, _("Format error: program header table truncated"))
__err__(ERROR_TRUNC_SHDR, _("Format error: section header table truncated"))
__err__(ERROR_TRUNC_SCN, _("Format error: data region truncated"))
__err__(ERROR_ALIGN_PHDR, _("Format error: program header table alignment"))
__err__(ERROR_ALIGN_SHDR, _("Format error: section header table alignment"))
__err__(ERROR_VERDEF_FORMAT, _("Format error: bad parameter in Verdef record"))
__err__(ERROR_VERDEF_VERSION, _("Format error: unknown Verdef version"))
__err__(ERROR_VERNEED_FORMAT, _("Format error: bad parameter in Verneed record"))
__err__(ERROR_VERNEED_VERSION, _("Format error: unknown Verneed version"))
__err__(ERROR_EHDR_SHNUM, _("Format error: bad e_shnum value"))
__err__(ERROR_EHDR_SHENTSIZE, _("Format error: bad e_shentsize value"))
__err__(ERROR_EHDR_PHENTSIZE, _("Format error: bad e_phentsize value"))
__err__(ERROR_UNTERM, _("Format error: unterminated string in string table"))
__err__(ERROR_SCN2SMALL, _("Layout error: section size too small for data"))
__err__(ERROR_SCN_OVERLAP, _("Layout error: overlapping sections"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_ELF, _("Memory error: elf descriptor"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_ARSYMTAB, _("Memory error: archive symbol table"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_ARHDR, _("Memory error: archive member header"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_EHDR, _("Memory error: ELF header"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_PHDR, _("Memory error: program header table"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_SHDR, _("Memory error: section header table"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_SCN, _("Memory error: section descriptor"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_SCNDATA, _("Memory error: section data"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_OUTBUF, _("Memory error: output file space"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_TEMPORARY, _("Memory error: temporary buffer"))
__err__(ERROR_BADVALUE, _("GElf error: value out of range"))
__err__(ERROR_BADINDEX, _("GElf error: index out of range"))
__err__(ERROR_BADTYPE, _("GElf error: type mismatch"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_SYM, _("GElf error: not enough memory for GElf_Sym"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_DYN, _("GElf error: not enough memory for GElf_Dyn"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_RELA, _("GElf error: not enough memory for GElf_Rela"))
__err__(ERROR_MEM_REL, _("GElf error: not enough memory for GElf_Rel"))