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Updated spec file.
Updated spec file.

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Added some regs definitions for LFR instrument. Added memory size measurement.
r73 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<soc name="Leon">
<peripheral vid="32" name="SRCTRLS-0WS" pid="1">
<register name="EDAC Control" addOffset="0">
<bitField size="4" offset="0" name="BTOS" mode="3" desc="write or read busy to scrub delay configuration"/>
<bitField size="4" offset="4" name="SCRUBRATE" mode="3" desc="write or read scrub rate period configuration"/>
<bitField name="RUN" offset="8" size="1" mode="3" desc="when set run the memory configuration"/>
<bitField name="BPBUSYN" offset="9" size="1" mode="3" desc="make controller to ignore busy signal"/>
<bitField name="WENSRAM" offset="12" size="8" mode="3" desc="when set write configuration to chip 8 to 1, else read configuration"/>
<bitField name="BYPASSEDAC" offset="20" size="8" mode="3" desc="bypass edac (for chips 8 to 1)"/>
<bitField name="WASHMEM" offset="31" size="1" mode="3" desc="Frame error (FE) - indicates that a framing error was detected. Reset value: ‘0’"/>