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Updated spec file.
Updated spec file.

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r91:acc9efbbe625 default
r102:1fe40426b7f2 socexplorer-0.6-3 0.6
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New register explorer WIP...
r79 1cb664ab4bb3c531d706b1948a378ed9810c0dda src/SocExplorerEngine/PeripheralWidget
int ElfFile::getSymbolIndex(const QString &name)
r87 1f143e4ae72a0bb4832b546eb76eb50e94049b80 src/common/genericBinaryFiles
Updated QCustomPlot to 1.2.1.
r33 2dce25b198558be573f56c1cf337aa95ddd666d6 src/common/lppserial
Jeandet Alexis
Made possible to subclass from python plugin class....
r64 923afde9cc96bb419cf898560d080ec96991aeca src/common/qhexedit