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Added lost SocExplorerPlot wrapper and win32 libelf binary.
Added lost SocExplorerPlot wrapper and win32 libelf binary.

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Jeandet Alexis
First init of SocExplorer Repository.
r0 #ifndef QHEXEDIT_P_H
#define QHEXEDIT_P_H
/** \cond docNever */
#include <QtGui>
#include "xbytearray.h"
#include <QWidget>
#include <QObject>
#include <QScrollArea>
#include <QUndoStack>
class QHexEditPrivate : public QWidget
QHexEditPrivate(QScrollArea *parent);
void setAddressAreaColor(QColor const &color);
QColor addressAreaColor();
void setAddressOffset(int offset);
int addressOffset();
void setCursorPos(int position);
int cursorPos();
void setData(QByteArray const &data);
QByteArray data();
void setHighlightingColor(QColor const &color);
QColor highlightingColor();
void setOverwriteMode(bool overwriteMode);
bool overwriteMode();
void setReadOnly(bool readOnly);
bool isReadOnly();
void setSelectionColor(QColor const &color);
QColor selectionColor();
XByteArray & xData();
int indexOf(const QByteArray & ba, int from = 0);
void insert(int index, const QByteArray & ba);
void insert(int index, char ch);
int lastIndexOf(const QByteArray & ba, int from = 0);
void remove(int index, int len=1);
void replace(int index, char ch);
void replace(int index, const QByteArray & ba);
void replace(int pos, int len, const QByteArray & after);
void setAddressArea(bool addressArea);
void setAddressWidth(int addressWidth);
void setAsciiArea(bool asciiArea);
void setHighlighting(bool mode);
virtual void setFont(const QFont &font);
void undo();
void redo();
QString toRedableString();
QString selectionToReadableString();
void currentAddressChanged(int address);
void currentSizeChanged(int size);
void dataChanged();
void overwriteModeChanged(bool state);
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent * event);
void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent * event);
void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent * event);
void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event);
int cursorPos(QPoint pos); // calc cursorpos from graphics position. DOES NOT STORE POSITION
void resetSelection(int pos); // set selectionStart and selectionEnd to pos
void resetSelection(); // set selectionEnd to selectionStart
void setSelection(int pos); // set min (if below init) or max (if greater init)
int getSelectionBegin();
int getSelectionEnd();
private slots:
void updateCursor();
void adjust();
void ensureVisible();
QColor _addressAreaColor;
QColor _highlightingColor;
QColor _selectionColor;
QScrollArea *_scrollArea;
QTimer _cursorTimer;
QUndoStack *_undoStack;
XByteArray _xData; // Hält den Inhalt des Hex Editors
bool _blink; // true: then cursor blinks
bool _renderingRequired; // Flag to store that rendering is necessary
bool _addressArea; // left area of QHexEdit
bool _asciiArea; // medium area
bool _highlighting; // highlighting of changed bytes
bool _overwriteMode;
bool _readOnly; // true: the user can only look and navigate
int _charWidth, _charHeight; // char dimensions (dpendend on font)
int _cursorX, _cursorY; // graphics position of the cursor
int _cursorPosition; // character positioin in stream (on byte ends in to steps)
int _xPosAdr, _xPosHex, _xPosAscii; // graphics x-position of the areas
int _selectionBegin; // First selected char
int _selectionEnd; // Last selected char
int _selectionInit; // That's, where we pressed the mouse button
int _size;
/** \endcond docNever */