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Integration of basic parameters functions in the flight software...
Integration of basic parameters functions in the flight software BP1 and BP2 are computed constant LSB_FIRST_TCH is defined (will be removed later) k coefficients are initialized in the init task v, e1 and e2 are read directly in buffers and put in HK packets sending functions slightly modified spectral matrices are now correctly timestamped a few changes to LFR_basic-parameters

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r179:f0fdfd2b8c4c VHDL_0_1_28
r179:f0fdfd2b8c4c VHDL_0_1_28
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#ifndef AVF2_PRC2_H
#define AVF2_PRC2_H
#include "fsw_processing.h"
#include "basic_parameters.h"
typedef struct {
unsigned int norm_bp1;
unsigned int norm_bp2;
unsigned int norm_asm;
} nb_sm_before_bp_asm_f2;
rtems_task avf2_task( rtems_task_argument lfrRequestedMode );
rtems_task prc2_task( rtems_task_argument lfrRequestedMode );
void reset_nb_sm_f2( void );
void SM_average_f2(float *averaged_spec_mat_f2, ring_node *ring_node, unsigned int nbAverageNormF2 , asm_msg *msgForMATR);
void init_k_coefficients_f2( void );
extern rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_prc2( rtems_id *queue_id );
#endif // AVF2_PRC2_H