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N = 2352 instead of 2048
N = 2352 instead of 2048

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#include <rtems.h>
#include <grspw.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "fsw_params.h"
#include "fsw_spacewire.h"
#include "fsw_misc.h"
#define pi 3.1415
typedef struct ring_node
struct ring_node *previous;
int buffer_address;
struct ring_node *next;
unsigned int status;
} ring_node;
extern int fdSPW;
// waveform buffers
// F0
extern volatile int wf_snap_f0[ ];
// F1
extern volatile int wf_snap_f1[ ][ NB_SAMPLES_PER_SNAPSHOT * NB_WORDS_SWF_BLK + TIME_OFFSET ];
// F2
extern volatile int wf_snap_f2[ ][ NB_SAMPLES_PER_SNAPSHOT * NB_WORDS_SWF_BLK + TIME_OFFSET ];
// F3
extern volatile int wf_cont_f3[ ];
extern volatile int wf_cont_f3_bis[ ];
extern char wf_cont_f3_light[ ];
extern waveform_picker_regs_t *waveform_picker_regs;
extern time_management_regs_t *time_management_regs;
extern Packet_TM_LFR_HK_t housekeeping_packet;
extern Packet_TM_LFR_PARAMETER_DUMP_t parameter_dump_packet;
extern struct param_local_str param_local;
extern unsigned short sequenceCounters_SCIENCE_NORMAL_BURST;
extern unsigned short sequenceCounters_SCIENCE_SBM1_SBM2;
extern rtems_id Task_id[20]; /* array of task ids */
extern unsigned char lfrCurrentMode;
rtems_isr waveforms_isr( rtems_vector_number vector );
rtems_task wfrm_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task cwf3_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task cwf2_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
rtems_task cwf1_task( rtems_task_argument argument );
// general functions
void init_waveforms( void );
void init_waveform_rings( void );
void reset_current_ring_nodes( void );
int init_header_snapshot_wf_table( unsigned int sid, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_SWF_t *headerSWF );
int init_header_continuous_wf_table( unsigned int sid, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *headerCWF );
int init_header_continuous_wf3_light_table( Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *headerCWF );
int send_waveform_SWF( volatile int *waveform, unsigned int sid, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_SWF_t *headerSWF, rtems_id queue_id );
int send_waveform_CWF( volatile int *waveform, unsigned int sid, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *headerCWF, rtems_id queue_id );
int send_waveform_CWF3( volatile int *waveform, unsigned int sid, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *headerCWF, rtems_id queue_id );
int send_waveform_CWF3_light( volatile int *waveform, Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_CWF_t *headerCWF, rtems_id queue_id );
rtems_id get_pkts_queue_id( void );
// wfp registers
void set_wfp_data_shaping();
char set_wfp_delta_snapshot();
void set_wfp_burst_enable_register( unsigned char mode);
void reset_wfp_burst_enable();
void reset_wfp_status();
void reset_waveform_picker_regs();
// local parameters
void set_local_sbm1_nb_cwf_max( void );
void set_local_sbm2_nb_cwf_max( void );
void set_local_nb_interrupt_f0_MAX( void );
void reset_local_sbm1_nb_cwf_sent( void );
void reset_local_sbm2_nb_cwf_sent( void );
void increment_seq_counter_source_id( unsigned char *packet_sequence_control, unsigned int sid );