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Minor bug corrected in the tc_acceptance function...
Minor bug corrected in the tc_acceptance function when the TC is corrupted, the packet TM_LFR_TC_EXE_CORRUPTED is sent

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r40:d6dd28d83c6c default
r42:939c648d248c default
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#include "fsw_init.h"
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_0[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_1[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_a[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_b[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_c[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_d[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_e[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_f[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_g[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_h[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f1[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f2[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f1_bis[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f2_bis[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_0_bis[ ];
extern volatile int spec_mat_f0_1_bis[ ];
// parameters
extern struct param_local_str param_local;
// registers
extern time_management_regs_t *time_management_regs;
extern spectral_matrix_regs_t *spectral_matrix_regs;
// ISR
rtems_isr spectral_matrices_isr( rtems_vector_number vector );
rtems_isr spectral_matrices_isr_simu( rtems_vector_number vector );
rtems_task spw_bppr_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
rtems_task avf0_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
rtems_task bpf0_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
rtems_task smiq_task(rtems_task_argument argument); // added to test the spectral matrix simulator
rtems_task matr_task(rtems_task_argument argument);
void matrix_compression(volatile float *averaged_spec_mat, unsigned char fChannel, float *compressed_spec_mat);
void matrix_reset(volatile float *averaged_spec_mat);
void BP1_set(float * compressed_spec_mat, unsigned char nb_bins_compressed_spec_mat, unsigned char * LFR_BP1);
void BP2_set(float * compressed_spec_mat, unsigned char nb_bins_compressed_spec_mat);
void init_header_asm( Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header);
void send_spectral_matrix(Header_TM_LFR_SCIENCE_ASM_t *header, char *spectral_matrix,
unsigned int sid, spw_ioctl_pkt_send *spw_ioctl_send, rtems_id queue_id);
void convert_averaged_spectral_matrix(volatile float *input_matrix, char *output_matrix);
void fill_averaged_spectral_matrix( void );
void reset_spectral_matrix_regs();