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Bug 596...
Bug 596 the CRC is computed and inserted in any TM_LFR_TC_EXE_CORRUPTED packet if the source ID is erroneous, the destination ID is set to GROUND

File last commit:

r68:8128a81f2c21 VHDLib206
r68:8128a81f2c21 VHDLib206
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#include <rtems.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "fsw_params.h"
#include "fsw_spacewire.h"
extern time_management_regs_t *time_management_regs;
extern Packet_TM_LFR_HK_t housekeeping_packet;
extern unsigned short sequenceCounters_TC_EXE[];
int send_tm_lfr_tc_exe_success(ccsdsTelecommandPacket_t *TC, rtems_id queue_id);
int send_tm_lfr_tc_exe_inconsistent(ccsdsTelecommandPacket_t *TC, rtems_id queue_id,
unsigned char byte_position, unsigned char rcv_value);
int send_tm_lfr_tc_exe_not_executable(ccsdsTelecommandPacket_t *TC, rtems_id queue_id);
int send_tm_lfr_tc_exe_not_implemented(ccsdsTelecommandPacket_t *TC, rtems_id queue_id);
int send_tm_lfr_tc_exe_error(ccsdsTelecommandPacket_t *TC, rtems_id queue_id);
int send_tm_lfr_tc_exe_corrupted(ccsdsTelecommandPacket_t *TC, rtems_id queue_id,
unsigned char *computed_CRC, unsigned char *currentTC_LEN_RCV, unsigned char destinationID);
void increment_seq_counter_destination_id( unsigned char *packet_sequence_control, unsigned char destination_id );