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#define NB_GPTIMER 3
struct apbuart_regs_str{
volatile unsigned int data;
volatile unsigned int status;
volatile unsigned int ctrl;
volatile unsigned int scaler;
volatile unsigned int fifoDebug;
struct ahbuart_regs_str{
volatile unsigned int unused;
volatile unsigned int status;
volatile unsigned int ctrl;
volatile unsigned int scaler;
struct timer_regs_str
volatile unsigned int counter;
volatile unsigned int reload;
volatile unsigned int ctrl;
volatile unsigned int unused;
typedef struct timer_regs_str timer_regs_t;
struct gptimer_regs_str
volatile unsigned int scaler_value;
volatile unsigned int scaler_reload;
volatile unsigned int conf;
volatile unsigned int unused0;
timer_regs_t timer[NB_GPTIMER];
typedef struct gptimer_regs_str gptimer_regs_t;
struct time_management_regs_str{
volatile int ctrl; // bit 0 forces the load of the coarse_time_load value and resets the fine_time
volatile int coarse_time_load;
volatile int coarse_time;
volatile int fine_time;
typedef struct time_management_regs_str time_management_regs_t;
struct new_waveform_picker_regs_str{
volatile int data_shaping; // 0x00 00 *** R1 R0 SP1 SP0 BW
volatile int run_burst_enable; // 0x04 01 *** [run *** burst f2, f1, f0 *** enable f3, f2, f1, f0 ]
volatile int addr_data_f0; // 0x08
volatile int addr_data_f1; // 0x0c
volatile int addr_data_f2; // 0x10
volatile int addr_data_f3; // 0x14
volatile int status; // 0x18
volatile int delta_snapshot; // 0x1c
volatile int delta_f0; // 0x20
volatile int delta_f0_2;
volatile int delta_f1;
volatile int delta_f2;
volatile int nb_data_by_buffer;
volatile int snapshot_param;
volatile int start_date;
typedef struct new_waveform_picker_regs_str new_waveform_picker_regs_t;
struct spectral_matrix_regs_str{
volatile int config;
volatile int status;
volatile int matrixF0_Address0;
volatile int matrixFO_Address1;
volatile int matrixF1_Address;
volatile int matrixF2_Address;
typedef struct spectral_matrix_regs_str spectral_matrix_regs_t;