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The flight software is now compatible with the VHDL 0.1.32...
The flight software is now compatible with the VHDL 0.1.32 Still some bugs at startup, may be due to the VHDL

File last commit:

r126:5ae10b1b8078 VHDLib206
r171:13f27d43af32 VHDL_0_1_28
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#ifndef AVF1_PRC1_H
#define AVF1_PRC1_H
#include "fsw_processing.h"
typedef struct {
unsigned int norm_bp1;
unsigned int norm_bp2;
unsigned int norm_asm;
unsigned int burst_sbm_bp1;
unsigned int burst_sbm_bp2;
unsigned int burst_bp1;
unsigned int burst_bp2;
unsigned int sbm2_bp1;
unsigned int sbm2_bp2;
} nb_sm_before_bp_asm_f1;
rtems_task avf1_task( rtems_task_argument lfrRequestedMode );
rtems_task prc1_task( rtems_task_argument lfrRequestedMode );
void reset_nb_sm_f1( unsigned char lfrMode );
extern struct ring_node_sm *ring_node_for_averaging_sm_f1;
extern rtems_status_code get_message_queue_id_prc1( rtems_id *queue_id );
#endif // AVF1_PRC1_H