From 05/06/2015 to 04/07/2015


12:14 PM DECOM LFR Revision 79:c55088d912f3 (lfr_decom_rep): Major bug fix : precision problem with some BP1 and BP2 values(PE, PB, SX, VPHI,
cross_auto) could have made unrelevant values to be read. bruno katra


02:23 PM DECOM LFR Revision 78:43a5862859be (lfr_decom_rep): Major bug fix : miscalculation of SX and VPHI dur to wrong nbitsig and rangsig.
bruno katra
10:39 AM DECOM LFR Revision 77:98b6a03cae88 (lfr_decom_rep): Major bug fix : one old computation from R2 for BP1 remained in a method,
made VPHI and SX miscalculated. bruno katra


03:23 PM DECOM LFR Revision 76:8eb4a7a45fe9 (lfr_decom_rep): BP1 processing done
+ code cleanup bruno katra


05:32 PM DECOM LFR Revision 75:c316c41f7ab4 (lfr_decom_rep): Beginning of BP1 processing for R3
bruno katra
11:35 AM DECOM LFR Revision 74:cc852fc7b54e (lfr_decom_rep): minor changes to output layout in BP1
bruno katra
11:33 AM DECOM LFR Revision 73:2898c62bbe63 (lfr_decom_rep): minor changes to output layout in BP1
bruno katra


12:44 PM DECOM LFR Revision 72:45afcb6e0104 (lfr_decom_rep): ASM processing updates to comply R3 spec : float16 to float32
+ dumb BP processing just to allow correct seeking of binary file bruno katra


05:03 PM DECOM LFR Revision 71:051285bb4302 (lfr_decom_rep): Added : warning for FSW compatibility
bruno katra
05:00 PM DECOM LFR Revision 70:567d04061c97 (lfr_decom_rep): Major updates and modifications to comply with R3 (FSW, ICD, SSS, ...).
BP and ASM not compliant in this commit. bruno katra
12:27 PM DECOM LFR Revision 69:a3ba20d4f884 (lfr_decom_rep): commit initial R3
bruno katra
12:15 PM DECOM LFR Revision 68:1543038046a1 (lfr_decom_rep): Added BP1 processing for all modes and products.
+ code cleanup bruno katra

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