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h1. Wiki SciQLOP 

 p. !>{width:300px}! SciQLOP (SCIentific Qt application for Learning from Observations of Plasmas) is an ergonomic and powerful tool enabling visualization and analysis of in situ spacecraft plasma data. 

 h2. Documentation for Users 

 You can read [[sciqlop_user_guide | the user guide]]. 

 Other ressources :  

 * [[changelog]] 
 * [[HowTos]] 

 h2. Download 

 Visit the [[sciqlop_download | SciQLOP download page]] 

 h2. Screenshots 

 h2. Developers documentation 

 * [[developers_links | Useful ressources]] 

 h2. The SciQLOP project 

 * [[sciqlop_dev | Developers]] 
 * [[LeProjetSciQLOP | The SciQLOP Project]] 
 * [[Offre_d'emploi| Offre d'emploi]] / [[job_opportunity| Job Opportunity]] 

 * [[CDD_CDS2015_ENG| offre CDD eng]]