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LPP_SOM Boards

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The main idea of designing System On Module boards in our lab was to reduce the number of parts we use. For example we usually work on A3PE3000 FPGA, if we make a module with just an A3PE3000 board and few necessary functions like power supplies, oscillators, LEDs and push buttons then we connect all the FPA IOs to the board to board connector we are able to do any thing we want. We also reduce the soldering work.

List of LPP_SOM boards:

The A3PE-SOM is a simple A3PE3000 board with a ft2232h, you can reuse this board for anything you want.

List of LPP_SOM base boards:

The UT8ER1M32-TEST-BOARD has been designed to host a custom socket for the UT8ER1M32 SRAM from Aeroflex, we design this board to validate the associated FPGA memory controller before we program an anti-fuse device.

The DiscoSpace is a base board for four Analog Discovery PCBs and the A3PE-SOM, this allow us to trigger signal generators with spacewire time codes.