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h1. LPP_SOM Boards Wiki 


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 List of LPP_SOM boards: 

 * *A3PE-SOM* 

 !<{width: !{width: 20%}P1030249.JPG! 

 The A3PE-SOM is a simple A3PE3000 board with a ft2232h, you can reuse this board for anything you want. 


 List of LPP_SOM base boards: 


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 The UT8ER1M32-TEST-BOARD has been designed to host a custom socket for the UT8ER1M32 SRAM from Aeroflex, we design this board to validate the associated FPGA memory controller before we program an anti-fuse device. 

 * *DiscoSpace* 

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 The DiscoSpace is a base board for four Analog Discovery PCBs and the A3PE-SOM, this allow us to trigger signal generators with spacewire time codes.